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CONSTANTIUS of Lyons 5th c.. Presbyter of the church of Lyons in the 5th c. mentioned by Sidonius Apollinaris as eminens poëta Ep. II,10,3: PL 58, 487 but also as an able orator Ep. IX,16,1: PL 58,636- 637 and a man dedicated to the study of the sacred books Ep. VII,18,4: PL 58,588. Constantius was chosen by Patiens to execute the mural epigraphs of the basilica of Lyons Sidonius Apollinaris, Ep. II, 10,3: PL 58, 487 and very probably, between 475 and 480, wrote the Vita Germani in an essential and incisive style; in 46 chapters it presents the most important stages of the life and mission of Bishop Germanus of Auxerre. The work strongly echoes the hagiographical literature of the time and thus is of significant interest for the history of 5th-c. Gaul and Britain. CONSTANTIUS tractarian early 5th c.. The author, perhaps Arnobius the Younger, of the Praedestinatus written at Rome between 432 and 435, speaking of the Pelagian controversy, names a certain Constantius tractator, who had opposed the Pelagians PL 53,6128B. The term tractator could indicate either a preacher or a person who comments on biblical texts. Prosper also mentions a Constantius who had been vicarius, and then servus Christi a monk, who had opposed the Pelagians at Rome MGH, AA 9,468 and suffered at their hands in 418. The name Constantius was frequent at the time.

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1565 In a particularly vicious attack, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés Chula Vista Metro Map eradicates a small colony of French Protestants settled near the St. John’s River in northern Chula Vista Metro Map Florida. Although the French ask for clemency, Menéndez executes the men, sparing only a handful who pledge allegiance to the Catholic Church. 1584 In consultation with Sir Walter Raleigh, Richard Hakluyt the Younger lays out a plan for English colonization. Hakluyt and Raleigh stress the necessity of spreading Protestant Christianity to counter the teachings of Rome, which have been spread by Catholic explorers and missionaries. 1595 Natives on St. Katherine’s Island (off the coast of Georgia) rebel against their Spanish missionaries, citing the friars’ complete disregard for their indigenous religion.

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