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Sample 1: Valid photo evidence like this is rare.

Here are some things to consider when analyzing photographic evidence.

We will begin with one of the most common, orbs. These are generally roundish. Most are slightly transparent while others may be more solid in appearance. They are frequently white though can also come in an array of colors. Many paranormal teams consider themselves experts in the study of orbs. We call them orbologists.

Unfortunately, nearly all orbs are really nothing. For the most part they are dust, insects, pollen, humidity and a result of reflected or refracted light from your camera’s flash or other natural occurrences, like the sun.

It was in the mid 1990s that orbs were first considered evidence, about the same time first generation digital cameras became popular. Many believed that with this new, advanced technology they were able to pick up spirit energy (orbs) that were hard to capture in traditional 35mm film cameras. Of course, orbs were sometimes found in cameras that used traditional film, just not nearly as often.

Unfortunately, many less expensive digital cameras have reduced lens quality that create noise, or clutter, and are more likely to create orbs in the image. The vast majority of orbs are created when the camera’s flash or other extraneous light bounces or reflects off unseen particles, moisture or insects in the air. This creates a transparent and/or glowing round circle in the photo (See Samples 2, 3).

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