Tzante Hotel- A Fashionable World Class Hotel

The biggest resort on the island of Zante is Laganas. The resort is quite popular with visitors from the UK and has a lot to offer everyone, with over 100 pubs and a choice of Indian, Italian and Chinese food. Don’t forget to forget to choose one of the best accommodations available on the Island.

The deficiency of water sports is an issue for some people, but there is still so much to do on the Island. Zante is not traditionally Greek, but you do not have to travel far to be in conventional Greek hamlets.

Where to stay in Zante?

The resort is spread out with hotels and apartments well over a mile from the shore. If you prefer an early night, then be sure you’re not above a pub or in one of the resorts on the main street and in the heart of town. The beach regions in the centre of the town are the best places to stay. The accommodations range from traditional to trendy boutique hotels. Just like the central Tzante Hotel, that’s a hip resort and a 2-minute walk from the closest beach and 8 kilometres from the stately Solomos Square in Zakynthos Town.

Tzante Hotel- a fashionable world class resort

The Tzante Hotel is a popular hotel, and its reputation is more popular among the younger crowd because of its pub located right on the strip.

Situated on a lively street with stores and fast food restaurants, the rooms are housed in a terracotta-roofed, low-rise blocks, which huddle around a pool. Indoors, the decor has got a summery feel, with tiled floors and glowing ivory walls.

S you’ve taken care of accommodation, now it is time to go exploring. There is so much to see and do. Below are our top recommended activities.

Proceed on a boat trip to the isle’s famed Blue Caves, situated just under Cape Skinari lighthouse in the north of Zante. Named because of the strikingly turquoise water within the caves, they were found in 1897 by Antonio Komouto. The boats have glass bottoms and go through the caves and give you an excellent view of the marine life below.

Head to Navagio Bay also called Smugglers’ Cove or Shipwreck Bay. Located near the scenic mountainous village of Volimes, it is among the most amazing (and photographed) beaches in the whole of Greece. There is a story that an illegal boat transporting cigarettes in 1983 smashed into nearby rocks and was swept ashore.

An earthquake in 1953 ruined Zante Town, which was reconstructed after many of its buildings was rebuilt in traditional Venetian style. Strolling through the town’s lovely paved roads and squares is a wonderful way to spend several hours. You’ll discover a thriving local arts scene, fishing boats scattered alongside the beachfront and, at the end of the harbour.

Take in a breath-taking sunset at the miniature hamlet of Kampi on the west of the isle. If you drive up the precipitous hill, you’ll come through the Shiva cross, a monument to people who died during the Greek civil war. Standing on top of the cliff you’re around 300m above sea level and perfectly placed to observe the molten sun vanish into the sea.

Disappear by boat to the stunning islet of Marathonisi that lies in the middle of the Laganas Bay. Not only is it shaped like a turtle, but it’s also additionally one of the nesting houses of the famous Greek loggerhead turtles.

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