First Time Experiencing a Bullet Train Japan

Hey everybody welcome to day three of our geckos adventure trip we are leaving Tokyo we have an hour before we meet up with everyone we thought we need some coffee. Because we’re going to another city today we’re going to pretty good. So good on the bullet train it’s such a fuss at least moving going on the bullet train I don’t know how fast the guys, I’m just interested to see what everything looks like looking outside oh yeah actually probably see what’s going past you. But yeah we thinking as faster than it is it’s called a bullet train in a setting the expectations. But these are all umbrella things everywhere.

First Time Experiencing a Bullet Train Japan Photo Gallery

So she clever idea for breakfast we’ve been a little obsessed, and coming through these places they call them four red houses not bakeries some kind of shade stuff what the issue is we don’t know what you are. But let’s grab up, and oh come on. So you have some kind of cubes, and koala cubes they’ve got some sea turtles other things as well croissants if you want them guys we gotta see if the Google Translate works in Japan 1c there’s no meat in this all right let’s see if it works do you take a picture yeah oh it does work Adam aim, and cheese bread cool breakfast deserves oh I love the advert er in Japan we have three hours on our train. So might just see what snacks we can get to keep us entertained hopefully is some strange Japanese snacks I can get like a night off hi welcome to bullet train Japanese today we have scallop oh wow oh wow Mary’s for the biscuit no foreign up to Wow Wow next up we have Halloween jellybeans it tastes like actual jelly they’re good on erasers 8:8 our attention wow I don’t know what they called they look the red, and the very evil man on them, I’m nervous it is we have a gun these are hard the chocolate no on illicit another take oh wow dureena that was super interesting all righty guys I think we have the closest hotel to the train station thank you so much thanks :, I’m hotel number two this is fancy nice especially. Because we’d pretty much doing the bullet train all around we’re meeting up with everyone we’re gonna start seeing about what’s the cord kinda Wazza how did you say it kind of as I said. But we’ll ask our would you ask that once when you do a gecko’s adventure trip I think the thing that’s really cool is that the person that takes around is local. So when we did the Cambodia trip was a local Cambodian person we have a local local japanese person called mike which we’ll have to introduce you to later.

But we’ll ask him if anyone will know it’s him it was raining in Tokyo this morning. But kinda Wazza Canal was a has the good blue skies for most of you probably don’t care. But being a postger this is the best thing internet in Japan is incredible no matter where we go is it Kanazawa is that how you pronounce the area Oh Kanazawa tradition meets 21st century selfie stick. So we’re looking for a little snack, and one of their any things we can find its rice, and squid it’s like a patty raw squid patty cake we’re super hungry. So, I’m guessing it’s gonna taste amazing or not yeah it tastes like squid sushi without the truly I didn’t think about that we found a cute little Japanese style house, and we’re going in for tea this is so cute cheers everyone was it tastes like well it’s really like it’s a strong taste it’s like chlorophyll the green stuff, and leaves well you don’t want the stuff that milks people out we just come down to kenrokuen garden where we’re gonna be spending the rest of the afternoon. Because it is so beautiful here this is the place to come if it was cherry blossom season in Japan which of course it’s not at the moment. But if you were thinking of coming to Japan in cherry blossom season definitely come to this spot here. But it is quite cool to be in the city of Tokyo this morning, and then come to a quiet peaceful park where a lot of people like to dress up in the traditional kimonos, and walk around, and get photoshoots, I’m sure weddings happen here as well. But some reason we saw like 20 shops selling ice creams like you know I got to get some ice cream looks pretty good. But the ice cream we got what is this it’s gold plate ice cream I don’t even know if you can eat this bit it’s no doing I have to eat it you ready yeah just go you have to why would they give it to you oh yeah the golden fish I’ve heard rumors of this they use its flakes for sea ice cream all right guys a couple hours later, and the group has realized we’ve been in Japan for a couple of days now, and we haven’t tried sushi. So now meeting down in the lobby, and we’re all gonna go out for sushi tonight apparently the store does the best sushi in the entire town is currently ten past seven let’s see how long it takes for us to get in here hour, and ten minutes we’re in that’s a sushi train this looks. So cool I’ve lost Jess I don’t know where she’s gone like it looks like fancy like now we’re in Japan was it worth the hour, and 10 minutes it’s Mesabi improve.

But really yeah you know what it is you probably never tried to say yeah go.

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