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Located at the edge of the taro t-slot best century humpy heritage, and wildness resort as the jungle launches, and results property situated in jambe during a recent photos trip to this ancient city that once used to be the capital of the glorious vision a girl Empire we decided to spend the last two days at hampi heritage, and violinist resort earlier known as the sloth bear resort this post aims to give you an overview of the property hospitality offered by the staff, and our experience over there keep reading hey guys.

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So we are checking out from my euro hotel, and going to urge Chum the waters of the swords we checked out from hotel moraga at 9 a.m. and headed towards the hampi heritage, and violinist resort which was just 8 kilometers away both situated at Gamla per we only 2 kilometers away, and what you’re going to see on the left is to have a parable in no time they reach the resort, and amazed with the location the property is spread across 32 acres of shrub land, and blends pretty well with the surrounding shrub forest it has a huge reception area a dining hall, and around 20 cottages spread across the property at a considerable distance from each other the location of these cottages with huge boulder Laden Hills in the backdrop gives the property a mystical touch we were allotted cottage number 12 which was a bit away from the reception, and dining area, and required around five minutes walking which we enjoyed the cottage was located at a secluded place, and was spacious, and clean it was equipped with an air conditioner a bed.

And Elmer on a bathrobe space chairs, and side tables the room also has a huge glass panel offering the views of the bathroom is a basic, and clean one, and has hot water supply, and basic toiletries it also has a huge balcony overlooking the hills, and one gets bought a number of birds chirping around a very peaceful, and relaxed area where one can spend hours soaking in the nature around after keeping our luggage in the room we went to the dining area to have breakfast post-breakfast we took a walk around the property since the time the resort became operational management has planted around 4,000 trees inside the property this makes property grounds less warm compared to the other areas outside the resort it also has the birdbath area with the hidden viewing post offering great views of the birds coming down in the evenings for a bath that’s the water bad maybe dismissal minutes they couldn’t spot any sense it was afternoon. But a nice place to sit, and listen to the sounds of the nature at 1:30 p.m. it was time for lunch lunch served was a buffet spread, and the food served was a mix of North Indian, and South Indian cuisine.

I have to say the food was deliciously awesome special thanks to chef Manju nyuk, and team they took care of all the requirements, and not to mention they were humble courteous, and polite after lunch we took some rest inside a cottage, and at 3:30 p.m. it was time to visit the authority slot fest century this visit was included in the package located at a distance of 15 kilometres from hampi city the Daru t-slot bear century is around one hour’s drive from the hampi heritage, and wild earnest resort the drive through the scrub forest lined with hills, and all the sides is unique, and beautiful driver Venkatesh who doubled up as the guide is a very knowledgeable person he briefed us about the flora, and fauna of the century, and helped us spot a number of birds included painted sand grouse red battled laughing little brown tub or the Laughing tub an Indian Robin there is a watch star from which slot bear sighting is possible we were able to spot around 5 to 6 lakh bears over rocks which was at a three hundred meters range from the watchtower River soon upload a separate post on da Rudy sloth bear century covering detailed review.

So stay tuned for that after enjoying the unobstructed 360-degree view of the century, and reading the Sun setting down behind the hills we made our way back to the resort it was dark by the time they reached tea, and snacks were served by the bonfire which instantly was to be the tiredness soup, and dinner followed soon after dinner it was time to bid goodnight we’ve all got quite early the next morning to go for bird-reading naturalist Mahesh took us to the Tungabhadra high-level panel where a large number of birds can be found hey friends. So we’ve reached to kappahd raha level canal for bird-reading this is one of the spots where bird sighting is easily done okay guys. So we have mr. Mahesh from hampi heritage, and violinist resort, and can you please brief us about birding in Hampi with the introduction stuff yeah. So we have approximately are 250 birds including migrate, and our resident. But especially we have. So Indian Eagle all that’s called one of the biggest hole in the world.

So that’s a subspecies of Eurasian Eagle oh this is a canal is amazing thank you Mahesh helped us spot Rufus tailed lark grave Francolin purple Sundberg pond heron red hearted bunting a number of peacocks be hens, and a couple of Indian Eagle Owls, and mo bird species we have thought of making a separate post on bird-reading in hampi which will cover more details, and a lot more information. So stay tuned for that as well Mahesh also took us to a lake there is spotted ducks, and herons hey friend Sylvia as a little lady this is another bird sporting place where you can see a number of ducks, and store, and corner on after enjoying around two hours of bird-reading experience we were greeted back to the resort with a glass of fresh lime juice which was extremely refreshing breakfast served once again was simple, and delicious we quickly freshened up, and at 10 a.m. it was time to explode Hampi since we had already explode quite a number of places in humping the management modified the sightseeing locations to suit our preferences friendly guy went at age once again accompained us, and took us to places we wanted to cover, and we are going for sightseeing in hampi. So we will be covering sisters raw camel male elephant stable maja Nevada ma push Kearney, and a lot many races. So sorry Charlie our first talk was a royal center it is where the vision augur King stayed with his family, and private households, and conducted governance business, and ceremonies this canal McQueen’s butter disco indo-islamic architecture behind this column gives birth she shouldna they were iook after a trip on our wire or an aluminum cast overcome case of just entertainment Kelly uropathy make swimming pool a rose water was a pioneer valley water of Java Lotus general awareness non-career at royal palace we saw the queen’s path lotus mahal Mahon of Madiba watched our royal elephant stable underground chamber Kings audience Hall has Arirang temple Pushkar knee or the stepped tank, and a lot more will cover everything in detail in our upcoming hampi tourism posts Venkatesh served as a very knowledgeable enthusiastic energetic patient, and a friendly guide he truly made her humpy sightseeing experience a lot about fulfilling, and a memorable one he is a true asset to this jungle lodges, and resorts property special thanks to him at 1:00 p.m.

they returned back to the resort, and had lunch at 1:30 p.m. we took a two-hour nap, and for the evening we went to see the Achutha raya temple vara temple, and a couple of more nearby places okay guys. So we are going for a one-kilometer coracle boat ride in tungabhadra river to see Lakshmi Mandir Vishnu Monday, and kotilingam this ride is going to be for one eye, and as you can see the view is spectacular, and the water we also took a coracle boat ride into that Tungabhadra River, and discovered a couple of temples inside the caves on the either sides of the river after enjoying vertical boat run it was time to climb up the hem good hill to watch the sunset reading Sun setting behind the hills was mesmerizing we returned back to the resort had snacks followed by dinner, and turned off the lights for the night we started our third day at hampi heritage in violinist resort by reading the sunrise from the monument raghunatha hill you must have already watched this post if not I will mention the link to the post in the description box below you can click the link to watch the sunrise at hampi post after reading the sunrise where it turns to our cottage packed our bags, and made her way back to her home in Bangalore bye bye up guna Manju wrap Shanta thank you hey guys it’s time to check out from the resort the stay was wonderful hampi a heritage, and wide earnest resort is a beautiful place, and I think everyone should visit this place once whoever is listening how visual stay young, and the reasons are not just one.

But many it’s tapas very humble tea is ready to help you in every possible way the naturalist, I’m mister Venkatesh were very helpful, and they gave us quite a lot of information regarding the flora fauna, and about this property the food was very delicious hygienic, and fresh I want to bury thank you mister Manju, and his team for serving us delicious food this jungle lodges, and resorts property is one of the best I would say, and they offer a really lovely experience I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and if you did please give this post a big thumbs up, and comment India who mode to get notified of all a future post uploads, and now we are on our way to Bangalore looking forward to a next holiday very soon Gunther aho, and thanks for reading we seriously had no idea that jungle lodges, and resorts has such a wonderful property in hampi this one is truly one of their best properties that needs to be promoted well the management, and staff is very polite caring, and friendly they make you feel at home the food quality, and amazing hospitality has won our hearts it’s a complete package of a picturesque location combined with archeology wildlife, and warm hospitality you will love every bit about this place I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and found it useful give this post a big thumbs up share with your friends on social media, and do comment our blog India kuhmo to get notified of a future post uploads thanks a lot for reading you.

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