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My grandfather moved his hand to push back his dark brown Hefei Map Tourist Attractions hair, and the old man did the same to his white hair, with identical timing Hefei Map Tourist Attractions. It was his reflection in a mirror. The rest of Hefei Map Tourist Attractions his story was something I never tired of listening to in my teenage years whenever he came Hefei Map Tourist Attractions to stay. He had escaped with a boatload of diplomats and censored’ people, going by ship to Africa where he spent several years before returning to England. Well before the war, my mother, aged thirteen, had left with the nanny and gone to continue her schooling in England. The fate of the house during the invasion and the Second World War was not known but it had obviously been cared for.

Laura Miller, Executive Director, greeted us at the theater’s main entrance. We asked her if traffic was always this busy around the theater and she chuckled, “The Theater always has something going on.”

Entering the main auditorium, we paused as our eyes scanned the amazing interior of this magnificent, historic theater. In our travels, we have been to many grand theaters and opera houses. The Calumet Theater ranks among the most impressive. Hand painted murals and gold inlays sweep up to curved, vaulted ceilings. Rows of seats lined the expansive room and upper balconies. Private booths peak from corners near the stage, each holding two white wicker chairs.

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