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Frankfurt looks back on over 1000 years of history as a town. It was founded in 794, on the Romerberg. Charlemagne held an Imperial Reichstag here. The Swedish King Gustav Adolf stayed here. Poets immortalized the spirit of their times in verse here. St. Paul’s Church shaped German history and 36 rules were elected here.

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This was explained to me before lunch and looked quite straightforward, being a case of simply lowering a brass-framed thermometer down into the tank to mid-depth, leaving it there for two minutes then pulling it up to take the reading. Starling and I emerged after lunch to start. Christ said Starling. Look at it I looked. I couldn’t think what to say. So I said, Christ! The North Sea wind was up, the ship was rolling from side to side and on every third or fourth roll, the waves would break over the side and crash across the deck in a torrent. It looked deathly. Well, what are you two waiting for? The chief mate had come up behind us. Get changed and get out there. I want to see those temperatures before I lie down for the afternoon.

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