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Most of this 1,113,838-acre National Forest is located in Montana, but some 460,000 acres are in Idaho, along the state’s northeast border. Primitive camping and campfires are allowed on these lands, except where otherwise prohibited. See the listing for Bitterroot National Forest in the Montana chapter for more information.

Idaho also has over 250 Wildlife Management Areas and Fishing Access Sites scattered around the state. These lands are used by the public mainly

for hunting and fishing. Primitive camping and campfires are allowed in the areas except where posted otherwise. For more information contact the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, 600 South Walnut, P.O. Box 25, Boise, ID 83707; (208)334-3700.

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The registered owner from 1947 was Thomas Stone Shipping Co. Ltd of Swansea, who renamed her Maystone. Early on the morning of18 October 1949, the Maystone sank during a gale four miles east of the Longstone Lighthouse, following a collision with the new aircraft carrier HMS Albion. Four crewmen, the only survivors from her crew of 23, were taken on board the Albion. The Maystone, which was valued at £105,000, had left Methil late on the previous night bound for Deptford with a cargo of coal. One of the three tugs towing the Albion from the Tyne sent out an SOS message and the Holy Island lifeboat was dispatched to the scene. Over a period of eight hours and in very rough seas, she searched an area of about 50 square miles, but returned to harbour without finding any further survivors. Searches by aircraft also proved fruitless. HMS Albion was holed near the stern but continued on her journey to Rosyth. Later, off Eyemouth, she was carried eastward by the strong gale-force wind, which had veered west.

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