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The only times I saw into them was from a height Guangzhou Map , their swept earth courtyards and pillared temples, with curved eaves and shady trees, giving Guangzhou Map them a peaceful, meditative air. As I descended, because I had lost her trail, I realised that one doesn’t always have to succeed. Success and failure are measuring sticks against others, and I am not interested in that. Let others do their thing. I shall do mine. From afar floated the noise of bus-loads of Chinese day-trippers arriving at the lower temples.

Many of us have seen exorcisms on television or the movies. There is, however, a huge difference between that and real life. It is incredibly draining, emotionally and physically. Both for the individual being cleansed and those witnessing the event.

Without question, Mari had difficult times in her life. It’s only because of her inner-strength that she was able to turn it around and become a loving wife, mother and successful businesswoman.

But we still wondered, was it really demons that plagued Mari or her own troubled past? We have always been skeptical of deliverance/exorcism believing the problem is more mental-demons than spiritual ones. Our skepticism, at least for now, remained.

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