Best Travel Destinations For Zodiac Signs

Best Travel Destinations For Zodiac Signs

When he took out his cell phone and dialed, I wondered if he was contacting others outside to stalk and rob me on my way out. I had the same feeling when I was in Georgetown, Guyana in 2008.

A piece of advice here is to travel everywhere, if possible, with a buddy, beau, group member or spouse; so, when going to the restroom, the other gender should stand sentinel at the door; or, the same gender would go in with you.

While robbery is what we are referring to here, it is advisable to split up your cash; and, to store it in different places on your body. Keep your credit, debit and ATM cards separate; and, when using the ATM, check the machine carefully for add-ons that might capture your card and PIN numbers; and, also check for suspicious looking characters. A buddy standing just behind you can suffice as a blind and also a deterrent.

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Accommodation is usually the second highest expense after the flight; so, it can be hard on your budget; thus, you have to watch it carefully. That’s why I prefer to cruise. I don’t have to worry about that, the flight, or food; for, they are already paid for. I just have to stay on top of the little things I can do without.

So, you would have to decide on and budget for your accommodation before you travel. Again, the

internet is this handy, ready-made tool you can and should use. Just Google or YouTube it; and, websites and videos, respectively, appear like genies, ready to serve you.

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