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In the northern part of town I found a street full Mianyang Travel of barrows selling incense and candles and behind them was the entrance to the Wenshu Monastery. Mianyang Travel The gateway was flanked by guardian statues, blue-faced and violent, black-faced and angry, pinkfaced and calmly playing a lute.

I guessed that a local festival was being celebrated because the altars were laden with dishes of oranges and apples, and flower petals. In the main temple were many golden Buddhas and Ming vases of gladioli.

The prayer flags and floor cushions reminded me of Taer’si, but the pilgrims here were from other ethnic minority groups. They had adopted Chinese clothing, and their faces were shaded by conical straw hats set on a canework frame which holds the hat a few inches above the head and allows for circulation of air.

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