Travel The Kilombero River to Selous Tanzania

If a car ferry one of the few crossing points on the Columbia for the locals, it’s a major social occasion, and yet another opportunity to trade anything from live chickens to t-shirts, and slip slobs the ferry runs to its own mysterious non timetable but, it’s full it goes we’re in the queue behind several hundred Messiah cattle, and their minders looks rough but it seems to be more noise than anything else the Bulls however have to be trust carried on, and tied up acting just like Bulls do very trifling, and obstinate they ain’t going nowhere they don’t want to riding the ferry is a great opportunity for people watching just as interesting here at if acara as Piccadilly Circus or Times Square of course, it’s a bit frustrating not being able to understand what people are saying what is the Swahili for manana.

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I suppose the answer is Hakuna Matata it really doesn’t matter Ali here is Mohammed son he’s our guide for the salut, it’s about two hours down river to Burma illunga our camp, and the only one in the whole western sector of the salut an area of some, square kilometers we passed several traditional fishing villages but they slowly petered out as we got closer to the salut, and the wildlife became more evident Buffalo our first big game sighting in a post of the river our Scout spotted more feather away a big herd.

So we got off the boat to see if we could get closer but they were fairly shy, and it was too much water around everything is still waterlogged, and the grass is very tall all down to the abnormally long rainy season this lone tree on the riverbank marked the entrance to the saloon no fences or signs here without alley we’d probably have gone right past the camp, it’s totally hidden in the tree line this was to be our home for the next few days rustic looks pretty comfortable to me especially after a hard two, and a half hour boat ride. We’ve got a great view of the river with the jungle mountains as a backdrop, and the bird life is prolific especially of course the water birds storks herons plumbers geese ibises, and spoonbills.

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