Moonlight Tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome

Tonight, we are in for a VIP experience. We are going on a moonlight tour of Ancient Rome and the Colosseum. So, we’re walking through Ancient Rome and the sun is just setting, the lighting is so pretty. This is just the perfect time to experience the Colosseum and Ancient Rome. This time of night, under the moonlight, it’s so romantic, there’s not too many people, it’s just a really special kind of ambience. Wow, this is the Roman Forum. It is so pretty at night, the way that it’s lit up, so beautiful.

Moonlight Tour of the Colosseum and Ancient Rome Photo Gallery

So, at nighttime the Colosseum is closed to the public, but we’ve gained access because of this private tour.

There’s no crowd, there’s perfect opportunities to take pictures, this is the best way to see the Colosseum. Very glad we’ve gone the evening tour, without the crowds. I thought doing it in the nighttime as well adds another bit of a dimension to it, so it’s absolutely amazing.

Well worth it. Fantastic. Really worth it. The Colosseum was built by 100,000 cubic meters of travertine, which is a type of limestone that was transported all the way from Tripoli. We are standing right here on the arena floor where the games took place hundreds of years ago. So, gladiators and wild animals were right here where I’m standing. Seeing Ancient Rome and the Colosseum by day is extraordinary, but by night, it is a truly magical experience not to be missed.

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