Bryson Tivatyi Tour Guide to Zimbabwe Africa Safari

My name is Ghana or a marine yet – vodka cheer unto messiah cherish woo-hoo-hoo Zimbabwe but you guys can call me Bryson. I work for overseas adventure travel and I do art with Africa safari. I am from a country called Zimbabwe at a very tender age.

Bryson Tivatyi Tour Guide to Zimbabwe Africa Safari Photo Gallery

I send the change of governments from the colonial regime to a local government, and the transition to that change was turbulent. I have some of the traumatic experiences imprinted at the back of my mind fleeing for dear life cutting across fields of human body parts as we were running away for survival the country was able to really embrace the joy, and excitement of absence of war picked themselves up, and carry on with life as it were, and having respect having to do away with discrimination. I always want to see human beings as one grace, and the bonding of people from different continents to reach out for, and positive life changes, and getting to share their lives with people they’ve never met before it makes me feel that the world is potential of getting better generally the land is flat – angèle link on the nice, and open flatland we have the beautiful Okavango Delta we think of it as a river that never gets to find the ocean.

So all the water disappears into the festive color our essence making beautiful channels, and lagoons, and taking advantage of this flood area it then attracts prolific wildlife ranging from hippos as they soak into this nice beautiful piece it attracts a lot of different birds as they come to nest in the beautiful lush green trees that punctuate the fringes of the island the feel with wildlife is that animals are always doing something different, and it’s always learning from animals and I go there with an open mind. Because school is in session every day. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

So we can have great fun in the bush you.

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