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The mystical islands of Indonesia a mix of the ancient the sacred, and the Creator well you read about them, and then you see the real thing, and that’s I think. I think that’s fun, and it’s just, it’s an opportunity to meet ah different people to learn about different cultures. I’m fascinated by the differences in culture folklore passed along through the centuries in tales of good versus evil story, and tradition define the Balinese culture what stories might you become a part of in Java, and Bali today uh we stopped, and there were all these cute little kids first, and second grade in this school that they just started, it’s just two years now, and they all have these little green outfit side there wave like a hair to come around, and understand wait there’s something they did always a side.

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I’m running out but we get to visit villages. I even know the power to build really the tofu makers tofu maker yes come now he worked something from six o’clock in the morning Oh, it’s the sort of thing that. I come for.

Because where else do you get this you either are in a bus driving by this with a description or you’re in seeing exactly what’s going on which is the fun part they’re in here they go out, and cut all the grass, and weeds, and stuff around the rice paddies created here in camp Eden ubud is not as the feelings of the artwork the toe pain is an Indonesian dance that uses masks to depict the many faces of humanity beauty, and ugliness refinement, and comedic chaos this Factory we make three kind of body hand-painted buttock hand stem, and combination body batik is an ancient technique for dyeing fabric is the work yeah our beloved portable device. I didn’t realize that it was a wax process a lot of hand labor and I are probably scared to worship what they do is not about what they make they make things they draw things the Coptics with their heart the patterns of traditional batik are associated with various roles in Javanese social, and ritual life some patterns are reserved solely for royalty others for newborns to bring them good fortune in life the level of Wax maybe not removed by the of water present it to do by hand all by hand pura taman ayun otherwise known as the garden temple in the water was designed to represent the mythological home of the gods Mount Meru. I think we’re very fortunate to have come at this time, and to be every day to eat their food very good.

I absolutely love it. I have never seen anything like this anywhere before there must be seven eight hundred monkeys from what. I understand just roaming over this whole temple area.

I love watching those monkeys the interactions between the males, and the juveniles, it’s really interesting to watch their behavior it’s. So human-like in many ways Samba sorry was a ninth century Hindu temple it was discovered accidentally by a farmer in when his hose struck stone we can go inside to see what is inside the temple very very different and I love it to me, it’s uh. I love to see new cultures, and different things, and that’s why.

I like to come with just for the cultural change. This is what. I love the more the different the better prambanan another temple of that period is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia. How did they do it in the era that they were doing it you know. How did they build these sites.

I’m just fascinated by the buildings by the symbols, and by the statues and So on, and the meetings of those darling students are learning English, and they asked to be if. I might have my picture day they were very cute girls it was lots of fun that was great. I think these guys really are enjoying seeing this over here, and appreciate that we’re here with them and I can’t explain how, and How much joy they have everywhere.

I go they’ll approach you, and ask you questions, and some are really shy, and you have to kind of work in getting them to come out, and it’s just fun hey what’s gonna get forty years ago. So oh wow you never moved please please my problems look good please okay. This is my youngest daughter.

This is, and when we have all the family can we have to extend all of the vegetable we can find around the house our neighbor will come, and say wow. I took some of your vegetables okay in a lunchtime they will bring leaving some yeah traditional Japanese soup it called Babur is a coconut milk. This is like we have a sticky rice, and steamed banana.

This is a tempeh. I fry it with onion, and salt only, and put all together on top while me. I’m Chinese.

I cannot eat that way we don’t have table manners just have our family style our families we are all family. So just it is a your comfortable, it’s a kind of a trip that not everyone will take yeah yeah you know but to me, it’s stimulating you know, it’s like well, it’s. Because Iran, and many trips where we get to meet people like you we see what a house looks like.

I don’t man. I think that’s really neat to to have had that come in here. So what did you think of your gifts Indonesia’s burden tropical islands, and deeply spiritual people experience Java the country’s political, and cultural heart, and Jakarta Liberty Square Bali’s ubud villages a place where artists are still revered at work, and a religion it seems like you know it is medicator the artwork is the spirit of our religion unravel the mysteries of ancient kingdoms discover the pride, and colorful culture of those who live in this mystical land the natural beauty of Java with its terraced hills, and tropical jungles anything we want is through experiencing it if you just drive by you just you have no real feel for what it takes to get there in Bali we live in very spiritual way.

So anything is connected to the spiritual to the religious activities. I love it, it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s everything they say everything that. I’ve ever seen in a book everything yes beautiful a location of magic creation, and discovery on the islands of Java, and folly you.

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