Introvert Ramen Experience Japan

Hey everybody today is the next day we’ve decided to head back to Fushimi fushimi inari to go get some photo is. Because it is just before 7:00 a.m.

which means zero tourists we should be heading back out at about nine o’clock with the rest of the daiquiri squad. So we can head to the bamboo forest by let’s go show you what the shrine looks like with no one had mother kono sekai wa boku okay – did I meet Ida know something Dodie that uh let’s go shake Maga cool Osuna okay guys it is so worth it just waking up early, and coming here for 7 a.m.

Introvert Ramen Japan

cuz there is no one here also quick fun fact which, I’m sure you guys would be interested in if anyone has taken photos it’s usually on the way out. Because if you have a look they have all the Japanese text on the way out. But if you if you’re walking forward there’s nothing I decided to think that is.

Introvert Ramen Shop

Introvert Ramen Experience Japan Photo Gallery

Because they want you to enjoy the walk as you go through, and then get your photos on the way out well we just hopped off the bus, and we’re greeted to this Japan you just keep on delivering the goods seriously how realistic do these beta ice creams look guys I think Kyoto. So far is probably the best spot here in Japan it is so beautiful just look behind us we got a massive mountain, and come out to bamboo forests neatly perish er me I think it’s thought arashiyama you know us with the names. But yet is so beautiful yeah as you come out to Monkey Forest some little guys walking around hello. But she–but of the viewpoint up here a little bit of a foggy day.

Introvert Ramen Brooklyn

But you see quite a bit it’s a really nice spot that they put this monkey like place I’ve seen some amazing photos online of this place in the snow, and the monkeys using this water why would you take the stairs found a little much a shop if we’re gonna have a little squeeze inside pocket all righty data found the tea that you have requested some sensual tea for lunch we’re heading to an itchy run restaurant, and if you want to know what this is it’s the introverts cafe.

So first thing you do is come to this little vending machine, and you pick what you want think when you go for some ramen, and then you look on this board, and it lights up and, I’ll let you know when there’s a booth available then you get this piece of paper, and you need to pick how you want your noodle. So it’s medium richness garlic if you want any meat, and then you hand it to them to adjust in like little foods you don’t talk to anyone you just do your orders this is literally my restaurant. So if he’s still hungry, and want some more noodles you don’t you still don’t have to speak to anyone you can just buy for like 2 bucks, and they’ll give you a top-up push this button I think that was the most interesting type of mucus.

Introvert Ramen Restaurant

I’ve ever had would you spending the rest of the afternoon strolling around the Nishiki market I think there’s probably some good spots to get maybe a little snack I think we found the ultimate Japanese kawaii store I think the theme of today is matcha is that first time trying matcha ice cream it’s cool they look like these are much adult things in there as well I don’t think I’d be a fan of it no you like that yeah that’s actually you know I think you would like that really it’s nice, I’m gonna try the dumplings oh they’re like jelly like tofu yeah really bitter oh the ice cream isn’t soup it up guys we found the emoji it’s like a sweet version of those dang Cara I think we had yesterday don’t worry whatever that thing is we had at the shrine hmm much better than much ice cream alive the last one was macho.

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