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What do you think this looks like when you first open it up it lifts like ideal this is the official start of the blog what’s today’s date again this is home for the next few days hello Sydney not a bad hotel room alright what do we have here Oh who’s here housekeeping well hello there has your room uh oh it’s bigger than yours I was just about to open the secret package on the bed what is this is why we have our own room is it for later. So we just checked into the st.

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Giles tank Stream Hotel in downtown Sydney, and we were just given our 360 cameras we’re down here doing some work with st. Giles hotel group posting the 360 posts for their ad campaign coming out this fall this is my first time ever using a 360 camera, and the meeting I had before I left New York City we went over how to use the camera, and all that stuff. But have you ever seen men in black oh yeah it looks like the thing yes it looks like a mind eraser for men, and black. Because I mean look at this there’s just the camera that red light turns on then sexism generally did you farm intellectual ever. So today is our first full day in Australia. So today we’re just sticking in a general harbour area, and the cool thing about this hotel, and all the st. Giles locations is they’re so central, and whatever city they’re in.

Because they’re in New York Sydney London a bunch of other locations. But all the locations in those cities are right in the middle of you know where the actions happening we are like I showed you you can see the harbor from here you know the bridge the Opera House it’s all right there first stop of the day we need some Australian dollars thank you we are down at King Street Wharf, and it’s funny. Because earlier today this Australian woman was giving us directions, and she kept saying like wolf or how would you say wolf I thought she said wolf, and she’s a wolf this is both of our first times in Australia, and we love Sydney it’s also the middle of the winter right now for them, and it feels like a nice fall day in New England could you just imagine if we lived in this beautiful place really bad a thing Sydney was it Australian accent well I don’t I can’t do it better I just don’t think you’re good at it Sydney. Because walking around getting a fuel for the city lots of coffee shops lots of people working out there’s always someone running which is good to see we’re down by Darling Harbour, and we set up our first 360 camera shot right here on the rocks we’re kind of just you know playing around with the cameras the coolest thing about this whole campaign is there’s no itinerary there’s no shot list it’s basically come out here post what you want to post in Sydney discover the city it’s beautiful right now I guess is amazing we’re now right by the Opera House.

And then if you look this way we have the Harbour Bridge, and actually this is a really good spot for the 360 post today we’re doing all the very touristy Sydney things. But that’s it’s okay this is our first time here it’s our first time seeing this to close all right for the next 360 shot there’s a ladder right here Craig’s going to go down with the 360 camera down here into the harbour, and swim out there to the Opera House ready to go Eric is setting up to get the the 360 view that Jessica Clemens would love to have every moment of her life going into the middle or flock of seagulls to get 360 post here we go I feel like a lot of our shots. So far with the 360 camera it’s either it’s going to be really really cool or it’s gonna be like what’s up we are now walking into the Botanical Gardens this is actually where the post started we ran down to the water, and then we ran all the way to that point way down there today has been a really nice day it’s been really chill we basically just walked along the harbor kind of feeling out the city, and the people, and the vibe of Sydney I have to say, and I’ve been thinking this since I got here Sydney is definitely my type of city I feel like I could live here I want to move here I want to move to Australia it’s always easy to say that when you’re visiting a place rather than living here. But the fact that it’s the middle of winter right now, and it is just beautiful what the hell is this what is this look at this thing oh that’s a cockatoo what is that bird doing look at that should come right over, and then if we look over this way we have a wild Craig Kelly passed out in the grass with the bag of mangoes guarding the 360 camera I think he’s actually asleep it does not get much better than this blue skies palm tree green grass, I’m gonna go over lay right right in the middle here, and take a nice Sun Nappanee some dried mangoes we gave in to the jetlag for the first time since we’ve been to Australia it’s four o’clock now, and we just took a nice little catnap like I said we gave in to jetlag you gave in to jet lag.

But that was on purpose I own everything I own on purpose I guess it’s not a weekend a weekend vacation vacation isn’t this is a work trip this is a vacation the amount of people in this park playing pokemon go is ridiculous I have to say probably eight out of every 10 people you see maybe not that high maybe what would you say Craig three out of ten people basically if they had their cell phone out, and they’re looking like this I would say 810 people is either playing Pokemon go or running well here look this way see run it running right here oh come on girls in the Pokemon, and under ten people is running or playing Pokemon go three out of those eight are running, and playing focus on job turn Akal watch out Craig second could you imagine I need it I know you hun we’re doing it sake, and Australia oh yeah sock it to me Craig it’s a lot later now, and we’re getting some dinner actually good timing it’s kind of early Oh Mike it’s 633. But in my mind it feels like it’s 5 in the morning in New York. But we’re at this sushi place I have a nice salmon salad Craig’s waiting on his food, and we were the Botanical Gardens we were talking about this pokemons go has taken over Sydney they can keep one here this table right here every single person is playing right now the guy left the restaurant go catch a Pokemon then came back in, I’m afraid to start playing. Because when I start I know, I’m just gonna, I’m gonna be addicted back out into the world of Sydney oh it smells like winter you smell that check this out it does smells like fireplace it was a very good meal we had big bowls of ramen we’re past that wall that jetlag wall doors on being back to the hotel now this is our street, and if you look way way up here that is my room up on the 15th floor all right Big Daddy okay good night bright, and early good day one it was a good day one dark generally yeah dark, and early is right this is me I also realize I haven’t given a room tour in this place yet it’s not a huge room. But it’s very very nice you walk into the room, and here you have my workstation nice TV you look over this way there’s a huge king-size bed, and then you saw this at the start of the post you come over here, and look at this that’s where we were about two minutes ago right down there on the street corner nice high ceilings nice big bathroom this trip is energizing me like this trip is kind of pushing me up especially we worked out twice at Adam from the second workout 7:30 p.m. in Sydney Australia huge king-sized comfy bed this is the first night’s sleep like actual night’s sleep that we’ll be getting in three days, and I cannot wait.

So until tomorrow remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion good night everyone.

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