Hey guys we often Menace a cloud probably asleep it is so early we’re gonna catch our train it’s like that cold front we saw on the weather is coming through and. So already feeling like it’s been raining a little bit, and the temperatures dropped hopefully it’s fine when you get to Venice I actually think we check the weather do you check the weather for Venice no fingers crossed it’s good wet up at least sunshine we don’t mind if I. So fast as long as it’s not raining. Because there you guys were interested, and you are thinking of getting me when Yan Italy your reservation feet train services on top of you. Because 10 euros per ticket one way to make the reservation our scheduled train waiting at like little somebody.


But this is it this is Milan station I would’ve liked to have explored Milan. But unfortunate beautiful train station yeah yeah Jia’s is our first espresso with them oh you got a little snacky over there yeah yeah I’ve decided I’ve been sweet always go for the sweet I always go cook savory all righty guys we just got to Venice we pretty much just saw our train go across the borders, and if you wanted a bit of a tip there’s two train stations is like maestro maestro which is on the mainland, and in the st. Lucia on which we caught which gets you on to the island of Venice or whatever you want to call that, I’m gonna call it the island. So you’re saying that now we need to track that you gone or something yeah we’re on the other side of Venice. So we can try get our bags through Venice which is 25 minutes which is not going to happen we catch water gondola when you’ve reached the point where you can come on pouring down rain here in Venice. So we’ve decided we’re gonna have to catch the water taxi which is an absolute ripoff it’s like one-way 750 euros which is like I don’t know twelve Australian you could guys we just hopped off the water taxi, and oh my goodness even though it is raining nothing can stop there’s a beauty of the city just look at that. So cool.

But of course our water taxi doesn’t take us to a hotel. So we’re gonna have to lug our luggage through the back streets over some bridges all right guys you just came for a room well you’ve pretty much got just drenched on the way here. Because the little taxi water taxi up didn’t Hammond got lost, I’m pretty sure it would have been easier if we just walked from the stuck. But it was really nice to see Venice on the water it was it is such a beautiful place we just chased into our room we’re staying at the Santa Monica Santa Marina Hotel it’s quite cute it’s like very gold, and Italian, and it was searched a bit shall we pay like a hundred, and fifty for three people. So 50 bucks a night that’s pretty good we have a we have one of these things again let me call it the days oh my gosh the the floor is Hayden yeah. So well cuz, I’m like frozen my room yes yeah yeah cuz of my feet are so cold yeah we have a view I mean if you’ve seen it yet I like everything’s gold open her up that’s so cool we have like we have the water look how do we see you fancy wave the water look to the right oh my gosh it is really cold here in Venice it is freezing let’s check the other ones he’s gonna try to do it one-handed. But I can’t look at the sheets keep getting your tangos ready go when moon eats your eye like a big pizza that’s a boy such a pretty beauty oh my gosh, and then yes we have a bed hey the Stila, and then a little extra room for Cleo Cleo like Harry Potter a little covered under the stairs, and you also have two windows as well Peevy Utley that’s really cool I was a gold it was also amazed to get here do anything amazed to get from the reception up to our room like he was walking walking I feel like.

Because there’s someone that took us up here I feel like if we try to get back on of beer I think, I’m just gonna try, and dry off. Because my feet are so wet let’s see if this hair dryer, and then I guess we’ll go, and explore until it gets too dark, and it’s really wet, and cold. So hopefully let’s check the weather, and see if there’s a bit clearer tomorrow. Because it is freezin my hands are like icicles out there Howland Ricketts with us to get here we got completely lost its freefall, and we got here too. So it took us almost two hours to get negotiate, and we got lost we should have this wall. But it was nice on the boat alrighty guys we have now rubbed up, and we are going to go out, and grab some dinner it is apparently 421. So we didn’t have lunch.

So, I’m guessing we’re having like a late lunch early dinner thing. So note we eat this late we’re not gonna eat again no, I’ll look out here outside our room this cute little flowers, and stuff you know Meera I love this rather which still looks nice though cold clear on now look at Carnahan I need to do that how pretty these little let walkways are going down go Jess, I’ll be gone the wrong way no probably its Clio already fast how you going DV you go you come her up be careful. Because it is raining a bit yeah it looks a white brighter in here. But it’s actually really done. So wet look at that Stevie a cold you okay Cleo you cold all right we found it we’re gonna go grocery store. Because pizza was way too expensive Venice was a little exposed in my way teasing us our baby yeah all right it’s officially nighttime here in Venice we have our shopping that sums up today that’s how windy or all of these inverted umbrellas in this trashcan oh my god we need warmth we made we need our heated bathroom floors Oh ratty picnic time hungry all righty made ourselves some cheeky rolls, and we’ve got some nice Italian cartoons to watch young artists set I don’t think was gonna be going out again guys it’s so wet, and rainy you saw the bins full of umbrellas definitely tomorrow we’re gonna go everywhere drone it cool camera with everything, I’m so excited you already took some good photos just on the wall huh. So nice wait for some police guys tomorrow yay alrighty thanks for reading guys we are gonna show you all around better tomorrow hopefully the weather is what the weatherman was saying nice blue skies.

So yeah thanks for reading see you guys bye.

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