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The Stanley Steamer was started with a crank, and it had no transmission or brakes. Acceleration was accomplished by stepping on a bar. Letting up pressure caused the car to slow down or stop. It was, however, quite efficient, as only a little kerosene was needed to heat the water to produce steam. And since horse troughs were ubiquitous, a fill-up was never

Today the Stanley Steamer lives only in museums and the collections of fans, including former Tonight Show host. |ay Leno. Visitors to the Stanley Museum in Kingheld will see not only cars, but other interesting inventions. Owners of Stanley cars often participate in a Steam Car Tour that sometimes stops at the museum.

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I he Owls Head Transportation Museum in Owls Head has a few Stanlev Steamers.

It might even be possible to catch a ride in a Steamer there at one of the museum’s special summer events. I he Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor also has a Steamer in their collection.

You don’t eat at Moody’s Diner in

Waldo boro because it’s a five star restau rant full of trendy ambiance. You eat at Moody’s Diner because it’s a roadside icon with food that hasn’t changed basically since forever-predictable diner food.

While the food may not have changed, the building has over the years. From its humble beginnings asa lunch wagon, it has grown and grown to accommodate its always-increasing numbers of fans.

Famous for its whoopie pies, and real pies, Moody’s also has a permanent daily special, one for each day of the week,

Not just a traveler’s mecca, Moody’s has always enjoyed a huge loyal following of local folks many go for the daily special. Those who love meat loaf appear regularly on Tuesdays, for instance.

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