How to Travel in Istanbul

Hey I am in Istanbul I got your last night flew from Santorini I am really looking forward to going out, and exploring Istanbul, I’m walking around that jackass in strict this cafe behind me is in a little trolley car it’s so cute came out of a tunnel, and I think, I’m on the other side of something now and, I’m gonna go across the bridge, I’m so turned around him I really don’t know where I am by the water the city kind of goes all around it’s really panoramic around you. So so beautiful just come over the bridge this area is so so amazing I love it. So once you come over the bridge this other side of Istanbul you see the entire city stretched out around you in every direction. So many beers everywhere.

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So, I’m going over here now how beautiful the areas Oh I love how there’s so many areas in city like this that are so lush, and green like a garden in the middle of all the craziness really lovely the me as I can no penny apparently right now in Istanbul there is a tulip festival. So there are actually people walking around with tulips on their head beautiful these flowers are they don’t even reveal it is so intriguing to be walking around Istanbul. Because the city is such a blend of culture certain areas that I passed through feel very familiar, and European, and then just a few streets over it will be very exotic actually I feel that it’s a bit challenging being hair, and I just feel a little unsure now where I am, and that’s you. But I like places that take me outside my comfort zone Istanbul is great great place for that walking alongside what I think is the Blue Mosque now. Because I’ve had about 20 people try, and stop me, and say lady lady the last Blue Mosque yes I can walk by myself, and do you guys see how green, and lush Istanbul is all these flowers, and trees shady courtyard avenues you can wander down, and fountains it feels very refreshing even though underneath it there’s also this kind of chaotic feel of people yelling at you, and very busy, and a lot going on lively to blend sure this is the Blue Mosque Potomac side now. But I think it’s closed.

So, I’ll come back tomorrow maybe this area is so gorgeous what is this little play scratch sound is so cute I have stopped for lunch while I was at lunch there was this guy one of those guys that has to stand outside, and try, and get people to come in. So he was standing out there, and he was talking to this girl that was sitting there, and they were talking, and talking for a long time, and then they agreed to meet back there at 8:00 tonight once I walked out of the restaurant he invited me to meet him later I was like aren’t you meeting another girl oh yeah I wonder if they’re really going to meet her if he’s going to find another one walking right now down to the sea right at the ocean right now. But I can’t find the way to actually see it it’s walled off or something smell the ocean mouth why don’t they want you to see the ocean was barbed wire really necessary it looks a little more promising more pedestrian like that would be. So strange if I was right next to the ocean, and I couldn’t even see it. Because this wall barbed wire behind me I’ve never known any place to do that to just wall off the ocean like that it’s the ocean found the ocean yay Oh that was so pretty walking along the ocean like that, I’m going back over that way now there’s this ruined wall over there that looks very interesting, I’m not entirely sure what this wall is the wall is actually really fascinating there’s just windows, and tunnels in it or what used to be that it looks like I found a sign right there that said what it is, and it’s actually the ruins of a coastal Byzantine palace, and it was built in 400 AD. So that’s so cool it’s getting a little late now I have walked all the way down is stumble today I don’t know how long it’ll take to walk back around two hours. So I want to get started on that, and not get caught out when it’s so dark. So heading back now got out of kind of the tiny little winding alleyways where all the shops are I really love the kind of disorganization, and busyness, and craziness of them just not too much at a time gets a little overwhelming almost back to my Airbnb love how dream no I this view is so gorgeous I wish that I could watch the sunset. But it’s still about an hour away, and my camera batteries are dying I ran home, and charged my camera batteries a little, and now I am going back to that place to see the sunset it’s just setting up. So it’s another cloudy day.

So I have not seen the actual Sun setting. But it’s still pretty view I had a great first day in Istanbul, and I am really looking forward to going out, and exploring more tomorrow. So I will see you tomorrow hi.

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