Costa Rica Food, And Drinks

Oh the food here is wonderful the main dish in Costa Rica’s coke asado casado means merry man, and that is. Because that’s what you supposed to get when you get married on the same dish on the simpler you get the rice the beans potato salad fish steak or chicken is delicious, it’s also very healthy for you because, it’s very well balanced, and get a little bit of everything, and very tasty which is that you were.

Costa Rica Food, And Drinks Photo Gallery

So anxious yes me amigo Maria do you have to say the only one the experience of a meal within the intimacy of a special family is a cultural highlight okay here is a medicament a guy like Chris colabello knows this very lovely a very warm family delight to be here, and there’s a chicken soup ready we put the rice in like a gumbo. I think what this was it sort of the tail yep. This is yucca along with many other root vegetables our bedrock culinary staples throughout Latin America, and the Caribbean oh it was.

So much fun, it’s not things that we would eat at home, and all these root vegetables that. We’ve never heard of it was lovely. I want to say thank you for coming for us is updated to have you here we try to do the best for you, and we hope that you enjoy Milton Nemo Milton seeing. How a family operates is really an important part of any country’s culture high school we had chicken, and rice, and beans food was delicious three papa yeah Oh Bella Oh for dessert nice to meet ya.

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