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Going upstream among poplar trees, purple bell flowers and small Hefei Metro Map frogs that hopped out of our way we soon arrived at two lakes and the oasis of Hefei Metro Map Nan-hu. Here at Nan-hu we met an old Chinese lady tottering along on tiny bound feet, and accepted her invitation to relax at her house. The house and courtyard were elegantly made of cool stone and plaster, and the main room had a raised platform with carpets and sleeping mats, and tidy piles of quilts. Her equally elderly husband, with a threadbare moustache and a toothless grin, said his name was Jan-shue-shei, and he was seventy-five. His wife, Ko-dengyi, was seventy-four. We all sat down to drink bowls of hot water and to nibble on steamed buns and folded bread which was filled with coloured powders.

A search party discovered footprints near a dangerous ledge on the Wisconsin River. Fingerprints along the edge were believed to be Daniel’s final, desperate attempt to save his life before plunging to his death. Though his body wasn’t found, his friends and family believed he had died.

That would change a few days later when reports surfaced of Daniel being spotted crossing the Wisconsin River in a skiff. His footprints were tracked through a swamp. He was last seen boarding a train headed west. After that, all trace of Daniel Holcomb was lost.

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