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This basement was no different. There are two separate portions. The one in which we now stood was the oldest. Stones formed its foundation and low hanging beams required taller members of the group to keep their heads down.

Perhaps it was the disturbing appearance of this dark place that gave us a sudden sense of unease. Something wasn’t right.

It was nearing 9:00 p.m. as the team got ready for the next investigation site. The moonless night did little to brighten our mood as we made our way to Mark and Mari’s home.

For example, it reflects health, income, education, San Francisco/Oakland Subway Map safety, environmental quality, and much more. As is true of most Haitian demographic data, San Francisco/Oakland Subway Map the picture is bleak. Haitians, on average, live about 61 years (males 59 years and females 63 years). This is the shortest life span in the Americas, and by an alarming margin of 5 years. The world average is about 66 years; in the United States and Canada, the life expectancy is 78 and 81 years, respectively. Another important clue to human well-being is a country’s age structure.

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