Top 10 Best US National Parks for Camping

We’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best U.S. National parks for camping. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at parks across America that make for unique and unforgettable camping experiences.

Number 10 great sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado

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Distinguished by sand dunes that reach up 750 feet high, this Colorado Park may seem like an unconventional camping destination. However, great sand Dunes National Park opens campers up to experiences that they won’t have anywhere else. For starters, it’s one of the few parks in the US where you can go sandboarding and sand sledding. The dunes also offer a refreshing change. Of scenery from what campers are used to. There are a few green areas where you can pitch a tent while also getting a stunning view of the dunes. Pinyon Flats Campground is one of them for a real adventure though. Why not go backpacking to a remote mountainous spot? Just don’t stray too far from the trails.

9 N Cascades National Park, Washington

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If you want to incorporate as much hiking and backpacking into your camping trip as possible. North Cascades National Park is the way to go. One does not simply drive to this park. There are drive-in campgrounds near State Route 20, but to get to where the real action is, you’ll need a boat, a horse, or a strong set of legs getting to your campsite is only half of the journey. This makes it all the more rewarding when you reach your destination, the Backcountry comes complete with attractive trails to explore state mountains to conquer, and a soothing lake to take a dip in or fish. Remember that you’ll need a permit to access the wilderness. To avoid overcrowding

8 Zion National Park, Utah

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Described as Utah’s first National Park, Zion has been accommodating visitors as far back as 1917 when Wiley Camp was established. Today, there are three campgrounds to select from the South and WATCHMAN campgrounds are desert areas near Springdale. If you’re willing to travel a little further, lava point is either an hour by walking or 20 minutes by car from Kolob Terrace Rd. For something closer to home, you can book a room at the Zion Lodge. Whichever site you choose. Zion has a variety of hiking and horseback riding trails with sandstone cliffs providing a calming backdrop. The highlight is the subway, a slot Canyon with an unparalleled view. The whole park is a haven in red and pink hues.

Number seven Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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As dazzling as the Zion Canyon is. It’s hard to top Arizona’s most treasured landmark, the Grand Canyon, should be on everyone’s bucket list to truly understand what makes this natural wonder so special. Though, you can’t just drive by for a quick view, you need to experience the Canyon and camping at this National Park is the best way to do so. The most popular spot is the Mather Campground on the South rim with 300. In 27 sites, the South Rim includes a camp, fire ring, picnic table, and lodging. Since that area can get crowded, you may want to take advantage of the north rim, especially if you have an RV. Keep in mind that the north Rim isn’t open during the winter, however.

6 Acadia National Park, Maine

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Maine encompases all of the beauty you’d find on a postcard, making it an ideal state for camping. Acadia National Park has four main areas where campers. Can set up shop on Isla Hose, Duck Harbor campground. You’ll find 5 lean, two structures. If you’d rather stay mainland the relatively new Schoodic Woods Campground has 89 sites. Mount Desert Island has two campgrounds to choose from on the east side is Blackwoods Campground which is only 10 minutes away from the ocean. The Westside Seawall Campground is also a short walk from the coast. Blackwoods and Seawall can both accommodate RV’s and trailers with lush forests. Clean air and diverse wildlife. You’ll see why Acadia is the crown jewel of the North Atlantic coast.

Number five Glacier National Park, Montana

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With a rich, untouched ecosystem, Glacier National Park is at the heart of what’s considered the crown of the continent. Encompassing 2 mountain ranges, 71 mammal species, more than 100 lakes and over 1000 campsites, few parks immerse you in nature quite like this one. July and August are the ideal times to visit, but winter campers can also expect an enriching experience. Just be prepared to wear heavy clothes. As temperatures can fall from 50 degrees Fahrenheit to sub-zero as cold as it can get, the glaciers that give the park its name have been radically affected by climate change. With only 25 remaining park employees strive to preserve the glaciers by using solar arrays and hydropower for electricity.

Number 4 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

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Colorado is defined by the Rocky Mountains, providing visitors with one of America’s premier destinations for skiing, exploration. And camping, since you likely came to the park for the mountains, Moraine Park campground, may be the best place to view those rocky beauties. Aspen Glen Campground is ideal for RV and trailer owners for the whole package. Glacier Basin Campground offers no shortage of trails to track and wildlife to observe. Lie in the peaceful meadows, watching the birds fly by during the day and sleeping under the stars come nightfall summer and winter offer two very different camping experiences. As is often the case at this park, however, both seasons deliver an equal mix of atmosphere and excitement.

3, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Tennessee and North Carolina as the most visited National Park in EU S Great Smoky Mountains, naturally attracts its fair share of campers. The park is especially popular among hikers who flocked to its back country for more than 800 miles of biodiverse trails. In addition to its forests. What sets this park apart from most others are it’s waterfalls. The highlight is the Laurel Falls Trail which rewards hikers with an 80 foot waterfall at the end. Families and casual campers who don’t want to venture far from the car should reserve a spot at one of the frontcountry campgrounds. Animal lovers will want to check out the horse camps. Then there are the Great Smoky Mountains themselves, which get their name from the natural fog across the range.

2 Yosemite National Park

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California Yosemite National Park is another camping spot that stands out for its waterfalls. As a matter of fact, Yosemite falls towers more than 2000 feet. The valleys, streams and giant sequoias only add to the diverse backdrop. The Mariposa Grove and Pioneer History Center are both within driving distance of the Wawona Campground at Bridalveil Creek Campground. You can take in the views as you hike along Glacier Point Rd. Tuolumne Meadows campground. Is the largest of the site opening visitors up to the most possibilities with its trails, sites and horses? Also, we can’t understate how important it is to be cautious and respectful of your surroundings to avoid potential wildfires.

1 Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

top 10 best us national parks for camping

Montana and Idaho with 12 campgrounds and RV parks and over 2000 sites where visitors can unpack Yellowstone provides plenty of options. So where to begin? Well, if you want to spend your trip by the water, you can’t go wrong with Bridge Bay Campground or Lewis Lake Campground for something not too far away from Civilization. Grant Village campground is near a restaurant, gas station and shops. There’s no denying though, that the park’s crown jewel is Mammoth Campground open year round. This one has everything you could want. Breathtaking hiking trails, fish that are usually biting and distinct wildlife. Such as bison. The main reason to camp here is for the mammoth Hot Springs terraces, which are assured to inspire instagrammable moments in spades.

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