Explore The Nature Of IL Moran Camp İn Kenya

Matt carries a rifle just as a precaution he told us he’s never had to shoot in anger bernard armas. I guide keeps a sharp lookout, and is comfortable armed only with his traditional short spear, and fighting stick he’s a very big heads they are scattered you can see the distinct family groups just all together.

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So once, and they’ve made it he’s kind of won her, and would there be no further competition for that female no that’s it once once she’s actually incorporated into his into his harem then when she comes into subsequent ruth e stress, and she is actually very discreet about it, and she’ll to make him away only exactly only the stallion, and have the chance to tonight with everything, it’s the immensity of it all that grabs you vast skies endless wide Plains, and horizon to horizon line of animals grunting, and snorting their way home to the sweeter pastures of the Serengeti but when the range returned to the Mara the movement will reverse as the herds head back here again a never-ending cycle the cavalcade seems to go on forever like topi on a termite mound Raymond on a rock gets a slightly better vantage point seemingly lost alone ville de beers turns to rejoin the herd not endangered but a species classed as vulnerable a ground hornbill catching, and dispatching one of its favored morsels a frog oh there’s something very special about this species of acacia. This is called the whistling thorn, and we find them scattered around in this in this sort of area here now as you can see there are a whole load of little ants running around on Miss acacia, and they live inside these at the base of the thorns is kind of gold now there’s a symbiotic relationship between these little ants, and between this plant the ants actually feed on a sap is part of the occasion or in the Acacia stench in return for their meal, and for farming this they defend the plant. So if something comes along, it’s a giraffe again comes along, and starts nibbling at the leaves of this the whistling horn the ants rush out, and come out to the tips of these forms moving around you know very excitedly, and they spray formic acid okay.

So you get a very strong smell this Formica, it’s like ammonia, and you know anything that’s around here decides to again move on. So again they provide the defense for this plant, and the reason, it’s called a whistling thorn is. Because they live inside these goals here they grill two little holes on either side of this goal which is where you can see you can see them coming out that’s right, and when you get a breeze blowing through these thickets of whistling form you get this very eerie kind of a whistling sound as you go.

So enter the name but we sing for them. I borrow your stick. So no thanks okay.

I place in quite close in. This is a safe let’s try to be three okay you don’t get an answer from those yeah. How are your dad’s house then. I’m just gonna tap it, and they’ll start moving around, and spraying bring you around you, it’s horrible, it’s really not very nice a little worse than their technique.

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