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As the nights get longer, the days get shorter, the sunlight is diminished and we begin to get the winter blues, we all start to think of warmer climates and how we wish we were there! Why not plan a vacation to a tropical and sun filled destination?

Not only will this improve our mood for the rest of the winter but experts have shown the health benefits that the extra vitamin D can do for our wellbeing. Are you feeling tempted to Travel this winter? Then why not consider some of the following destinations.

Maldives – Here is somewhere you can completely relax and unwind. The Islands of the Maldives offer beautiful paradisiac surroundings and pure white, soft sand beaches.

This is the perfect destination for couples as it offers the ultimate romantic setting on each Island. There is the option for you to travel to other Islands and explore the ocean life with a spot of scuba diving. Make sure you go for full board when booking your hotel or as prices can be competitive, Travel Concierge Services offer the best in travel luxuries.

Australia No doubt about it, here you will get sun, sun, sun! The winter for us is Australia’s summer and it is always a hot one. With usual temperatures of over 25C for this time of year make sure you stay safe in the sun and use skin protection.

Western Australia has the most beautiful beaches and wildlife parks. Perth offers you nightlife and evening entertainment. To the East you can visit the Great Barrier Reef and the city of Queensland and Sydney. Whichever destination in Australia you choose to visit, be prepared for the jet lag that goes along with long-haul flights.

Florida For families this is an excellent place to go on vacation. There is so much to do, visit the theme parks, nature or shop for bargains. Florida has great entertainment for you to suit your needs. Visit Sea World for an unforgettable experience and plan a trip to the everglades for a ride on the rivers and marshlands. Miami Beach is a favourite with its white sands and warm weather for the winter months.

Canary Islands Find great restaurants, a wide range of entertainment and idyllic surroundings for you and family here in the Canaries. Tenerife has the best nightlife while Gran Canarias has beautiful beaches and is more traditional. Fuerteventura and Lanzarote tend to be quieter at this time of year but have some interesting places to visit which give you a glimpse into their history as volcanic islands. You can get very reasonable flights at this time of year. Travel Concierge Services can help you plan your vacation so you can sit back and enjoy sun, sea and satisfaction.

Morocco If you want to learn about culture, native life and history while travelling then this could be the perfect destination for you. You will see streets filled with tiny market stalls and people trading with local goods and produce, Donkeys being used to transport heavy loads across the streets and locals selling traditional handmade carpets and tapestries. The weather here tends to be a bit cooler during our winter but while getting to grips with the local culture you have an experience you will never forget.

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