Volga River Cruise From Moscow to St. Petersburg

Oh imagine an opportunity to witness Russia with your balloon eyes to create your own definitions, and beliefs about Moscow in the former Soviet Union st.

Petersburg is the most beautiful city it is. So picturesque everywhere it is really a marvelous city to visit a, mile cruise on the Volga River explores Mother Russia through two of her greatest cities, and numerous villages opportunity that was available to us some years ago but it is now and I’m glad. I’m partaking of it we need us every every morning at the pier Ryazan waved goodbye at least we found a lock on the buses to see mascot all roads lead to Red Square home to the iconic st.

Volga River Cruise From Moscow to St. Petersburg Photo Gallery

Basil’s Cathedral, and the official residence of the Russian president Red Square gets its name from the word cause nyeh meaning both red, and beautiful the Moscow Metro opened to great fanfare in as a model of communist superiority they combined aesthetics technology, and ideology River cruise. We’ve done, and we’re very pleased with the first one even more. So of this one.

I like the fact that you stop in the middle of the town you’re very close to everything of you when you put into port witness Mother Russia the Iron Curtain has been fully drawn, and a history review including over million works of art, and artifacts housed in the Hermitage of st. Petersburg founded in by Catherine a grape. So much history here that, it’s really mind-boggling the Russian people are deeply rooted in their culture, and traditions but also welcome, and embrace the changes that are defining the shaping modern day life post perestroika we like to travel we like to meet new people, and experience different cultures, it’s been a wonderful trip we really have forward to this for a long time, and it hasn’t disappointed us at all.

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