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From the vivid colors of the Great Barrier Reef to the shining architecture of Sydney’s opera house Australia is a world of wonders while New Zealand fascinates travelers with its pristine fjords alpine vistas, and rich Maori heritage with grand circle you can experience the amazing diversity of these two countries you this vacation. You’ll truly immerse yourself in local culture as you explore this region in depth.

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You’ll see a side of the people, and a way of life that you might not see with other travel companies with a rich itinerary and So much included, it’s easy to see what makes this both a great trip, and a great value you can improve your value, and make the most of your airfare with optional trip extensions visit multicultural Melbourne, and view mystical Ayers Rock in the heart of the outback cruise along the bay of islands a scenic archipelago that is home to an array of vibrant marine life from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery fly overnight to Sydney, and on to Cairns eat your program director, and begin your journey across Australia, and New Zealand discover the Great Barrier Reef, and the wildlife of Australia’s tropical north learn more about aboriginal culture in Cairns then embark for Sydney where. You’ll have ample time to explore Australia’s largest, and oldest city from here, it’s on to New Zealand experience the resort town of Queenstown an historic milford sound then continue on to New Zealand’s North Island, and explore Rotorua known for its natural thermal pools, and Maori culture finally discover Auckland the city of sails before your return flight home on this journey.

You’ll delve into the history, and culture of the South Pacific for example you can experience the great barrier reef on a glass-bottom boat tour where. You’ll behold the underwater world of beautiful coral cay, and colorful tropical fish in Queenstown on New Zealand’s South Island behold spectacular views as you cross Lake people aboard a historic steamship, and of course snorkeling at the Barrier Reef is you know just some an unbelievable thrill or the beautiful fish in the coral, and just astounding. How great it is in Queenstown. You’ll learn about life on a local New Zealand sheep farm.

You’ll also experience Maori culture in depth during a visit to a traditional village tours Sydney’s iconic opera house, and enjoy dinner in the home of a local family, and enjoy close-up encounters with native wildlife at Hartley’s crocodile, and Wildlife Park in Cairns. You’ll see koalas hand-feed kangaroos in a private enclosure, and watch Cronk’s at feeding time, it’s moments like these that set Grand Circle apart from companies that only show you monuments, and overlook the local culture. I think travel makes you very open-minded you see.

So many different cultures and I think part. I put what. I can bring to the tool to our travelers is the sense of expanding their horizons a little bit going out there, and doing things that they don’t normally do, and Grand Circle really pushes people to go out there, and do things that.

I normally do, and even if, it’s just you know swimming on the barrier reef or whatever it is. This is getting out there, and doing something different while in the South Pacific. You’ll dine on freshly prepared regionally inspired meals your program director will give you insight on personal favorites, and local specialties as you travel.

You’ll enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow travelers as you dine in a variety of settings including local cafes, and restaurants in each hotel enjoy a full complement of modern amenities a restaurant, and bar for socializing, and an inviting room with private baths, and keep the discoveries going by adding optional extensions to your trip experience more of Australia’s contrasts in Melbourne, and the Outback. You’ll be immersed in Australia’s fusion of cultures in Melbourne then venture into the outback where. You’ll explore the town of Alice Springs, and stay longer in New Zealand to visit the exotic bay of islands the historical crossroads of European, and Maori cultures cruise along the archipelago’s islands as you seek out dolphins whales, and other marine wildlife, and gain a fuller appreciation for Maori history at the waitangi treaty ground join us to discover the wondrous variety of the South Pacific.

You’ll explore fascinating cities, and visit pastoral sheep, and cattle farms the whole stunning scenery from the Great Barrier Reef to New Zealand’s fjords get a close-up view of animals not found anywhere else, and experience the ancient, and modern cultures of two very different countries call today to explore Australia, and New Zealand.

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