Belgium Metro Map

Belgium Metro Map


TELEPHONES. Most public phones require a phone card (5), available at post offices, supermarkets, and magazine stands. Coin-operated phones are rare and more expensive. Calls are cheapest from 6:30pm-8am and on weekends. Mobile phones are an increasingly popular and economical alternative (30). For operator assistance within Belgium, dial 12 07 or 13 07; for international assistance, 12 04 or 13 04 (0.25). International direct dial numbers include: AT&T, 0800 100 10; British Tele com, b 0800 100 24; Canada Direct, 0800 100 19 or 0800 700 19; Ireland Direct, 080010 353; MCI,0800100 12; Sprint, 0800100 14; Telecom New Zealand,0800 100 64; Telkom South Africa, 0800 100 27; Telstra Australia, 0800 100 61.

MAIL. A postcard or letter (up to 50g) sent to a destination within Belgium costs 0.41-0.49, within the EU 0.47-.52, and to the rest of the world 0.74-.84. Most post offices open Monday to Friday 9am to 4 or 5pm (sometimes with a midday break) and sometimes on Saturdays 9 or 10am to noon or 1pm.

INTERNET ACCESS. There are cybercafes in the larger towns and cities in Bel gium. For access to the web, expect to pay 2.50-3.25 per 30min. Many hostels have Internet access for around 0.07-0.10 per min.

LANGUAGES. Belgium is a multilingual nation, with several official languages. Flemish (a variation of Dutch) is spoken in Flanders, the northern half of the coun try; French is spoken in Wallonie, the southern region; and German is spoken in a small enclave in the west. Both Flemish and French are spoken in Brussels. Most people, especially in Flanders, speak English. For basic French words and phrases, see 1035; for German, see 1036.

There is a wide range of accommodations throughout Belgium; however, hotels are fairly expensive, with “trench-bottom” singles from 22 and doubles around 30-35. Belgium’s 31 HI youth hostels, which charge about 13 per night, are gener-ally modem and many boast cheap bars. Private hostels, however, often cost about the same but are much nicer. Most receptionists speak some English, and reserva tions are a good idea, particularly in the summer and on weekends. Campgrounds charge about 4 per night. An International camping card is not required in Belgium.

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