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I had a kind of feeling because. I looked very different from other Japanese, and my mother, and father looked very Japanese so.

I had a feeling but when I asked once but with their face. I understood.

This is not something to talk about you, and in Japan, it’s very group oriented country, and especially my childhood we didn’t have much mixed blood so I was very different, and for Japanese something different was not really acceptable my was born in Yokohama. I got married and I have a son who is now in university, and since.

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I was only child too but my son is also an only child sometimes. I have too much attention to my son, and there was a sometimes he didn’t like me around of course when he was a teenager but now after that he’s been very helpful, and especially. I’m not home a lot of time he’ll be very happy to spend some time in my holidays.

So now we have a very good relationship my father is now retired from the airline, and he spent all most of his time at home but also he chose this place. Because he liked the ocean, and the port. So now he’s.

I’m enjoying the retirement life quietly. I was bullied in my elementary school time the most shocking thing was when I found my desk was gone there’s about desks lined up in a classroom, and there’s the empty space and I felt like they don’t like me even existing, and then.

I really felt isolated and I started wondering why. I’m existing and I didn’t go to school for the last one year because. I was afraid to go to school, and find something.

I was more open, and active in a younger age but. Because of that. I get very sensitive about what other things.

So that bullying experience kind of impact my personality and I got over it. I started to chill a little while ago, and kind of. I had a complex like.

I can’t be good at music. I always had a kind of negative mind but. I started ok it doesn’t harm anybody.

I don’t have to tell anybody so I wanted to challenge something. I really love and I always loved the music sound of cello so.

I decided okay. I’m going to try something for myself, and my teacher often gave me some advice, and it’s very important to even you’re not confident you have to look. How how you have a confidence, and that sounded like advice to not do my cello skill felt like she knows my characteristic. I thought Oh playing cello you can see the personality and I could see my weakness, and the strength through cello when.

I found out about my background of course. I was interested in what my biological father was like, and since. I was in u. s.

My mother contact him, and gave me a chance to meet him and I said ok he’s big that’s why. I’m tall and I could understand okay now. I could see.

I had some blood from him that’s why. I look not Japanese for a few months. I didn’t know. How to face my father now.

Because okay he’s not my father so I had to kind of hard to face him like. I was before but after a few months.

I said to myself well. I can’t say he’s not my father anymore for us all my life. I thought he was father so.

I said okay he’s my father, and that’s wrong he was a really good father reliable, and when I needed help he will know this without saying, and he will support me without saying anything he’s very quiet but very thoughtful very loving father. I took a while to pass my exam as a national guide, and then.

I finally got the license and I joined the freshman’s training and I met my best friend Shizu in the training now she is kind of almost like a family. So through her. I learned what the hospitality is, and what small thing makes difference to the people’s emotion, and being just with her she will give us a very positive energy especially in work sometimes it doesn’t go like you want it to be or you struggle we were always helping each other encouraging but also giving advice since the when.

I was small. I often came here so I come here.

I feel really home and I can get my energy back, and it gave me some kind of power to make a decision because. This is the Japanese culture of being very close to the their neighbor, and group, it’s hard to accept the other but once you they accept they will be very very helpful. So that doesn’t mean they won’t accept you for whole your life you just need a little time so.

I think even with a negative part still. I like Japan of course. I like my people.

I’m Madi Kolkata from Yokohama Japan. I’m a trip leader of OSE Japan’s cultural treasure.

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