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Hey from Istanbul today is such a great day, and I feel really good today I got up really early, and I went running along actually that hill where I saw the sunset in the last post I am also getting ready to leave. Because I leave Istanbul this afternoon it’s 941 I have to be back here by 1:00 maybe. Because I have to leave it too, and I haven’t packed it’s all my stuff. So ok kind of the first thing I did was come back to that adorable trolley car cafe by the tower which this is the tower right behind me, I’m sitting at it right now having a tea time now I think, I’m going to walk all the way to the other side of the city again.

Map of Istanbul Photo Gallery

Because there are some things over there that I didn’t get to do yesterday. So um I decided very much last minute to go up the Galata Tower climbing up didn’t really occur to me that you could go up here then I just saw people going in they have a coffee shop called the travel cafe why do I have to be off coffee here I have found some of the gorgeous part it’s so beautiful I really wish that I had more time to just sit look at this bench that, I’m sitting. So perfect this is so beautiful definitely if I had found this earlier would have come here to write or read or something who’s already pretty sure of this before. But now even more. So Istanbul has the most beautiful gardens that I have seen anywhere let’s see how we’re doing on time it is almost 11 I need to eat let’s go do that they’re trying to find the place to get some food now, and then I guess, I’ll go back, and start packing my stuff tonight actually well this afternoon I have a flight to a very interesting place, and you’ll see tomorrow when I get there. So excited to be going there, I’m so much I love these things good then I got another run afternoon I’ve gotten ready to go we’re going out onto the balcony to listen to the call to prayer for the last time here okay packed everything ready to go ready to leave Istanbul, and head to.

So now comes the part when I have to walk in the hot Sun with my coat, and my heavy backpack it is small. But it is still heavy. So I have to walk to the square in order to get a bus to the airport I could have also gotten a taxi. But that’s 50 lira, and the bus is 5 lira. So I think the decision is pretty obvious let’s go ah I just found the best finally it took a while. Because they said to just go to the square. But the square is a really big area.

So I mean now.

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