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The capital of the emirate bearing the same name the city of ashes Aria can be found some kilometers north of Dubai the emirate with its six hundred thousand inhabitants is the third largest, it’s name means Rising Sun the city lies on the shore of the collied Gulf tourists are attracted by the local sights, and common increasing numbers one of these is Sharia a fountain of meters at the end of the sea Gulf, and one of the largest mosques in the United Arab Emirates.

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The towered building of the Al Hasan fortress was the former residence of the rulers but as a museum it defines the city as the largest keeper of Arab cultural traditions today by law tourists must wear clothes covering the shoulders knees, and elbows to wear a swimsuit is forbidden even at the beach while drinking alcohol is prohibited, and punishable in the entire Emirates region if not married men, and women are not allowed a common hotel room no wonder very few travellers seek lodging here but opted instead for a day trip near the fortress at the foot of the modern houses.

A tradition keeping district has been established complete with bizarre, and handicraft workshops numerous exhibitions await curious guests the Islamic museum displays old Arab manuscripts, and artwork the paintings of the art museum exhibit treasures of the rulers private collection other museums include the archaeological museum the museum of natural history the science museum, and the Heritage Museum but the most interesting is the interactive Museum of discoveries mostly visited by school groups, and children the house of Ibrahim Mohammed Al medve is famous for being the one, and only having a round wind tower its owner was a Royal advisor the publisher of the first newspaper in the emirate the reception hall the Miley’s is worth seeing if only because. This is said to be the most characteristic room of old Arab houses the beautiful King Faisal mosque can only be seen from the outside, and it’s advisable to photograph it from afar don’t forget that here rules are much stricter than in Dubai.

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