The Best Shopping in Cyprus


There is a great variety of shops to satisfy every taste. Shopping hours for the Winter period (Nov. 1-March 31): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday up to 19:00 hrs, Wednesday, up to 14:00 hrs, Sat. up to 15:00 hrs. Shopping hours for the Summer period (April 1-October 31): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, up to 20:00 hrs, Wednesday, up to 14:00 hrs, Sat. up to 17:00 hrs. Summer afternoon recess (June 15-August 31) from 14:00-17:00 hrs.

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Hints for Cyprus Souvenirs

Quite a lot of Cypriot products can be bought in Cyprus, either at large hotels or in shops, even at kiosks set up along the roadside. Many Cypriot artisans are renowned for their handicrafts -ceramics, basketry, weaving, wood carving, silver and copper products. Paying a visit to the Cyprus Handicraft Service, a non-profit organization which runs shops in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka and Pafos, the tourist will find a wide selection of products. One finds a great variety of basketry, particularly small portable baskets in decorative shapes, objects of brass, like candlesticks, ashtrays, trays, etc, carpets and curtains of different patterns, a great variety of ceramics, often inspired by ancient Greek mythology, or functional wares from Kornos and Foini, or even glazed ceramics with pretty geometric patterns. The copperware is rich and varied with handcrafted ware, including copper bowls, pots, etc. Cyprus, particularly Lefkara and a few other villages produce a large variety of hand-made embroidery. As far as food is concerned the turkish-delights of Geroskipos and Lefkara are well-known. Olives and the special variety of cypriot cheese, halloumi, can be carried home, while there is a large variety of wines and liquers to choose.

From some jewellers the visitor can buy silver and gold pieces, while shoes, sandals, handbags, belts, wallets as well as other leather goods can be found in many shops. The foreign visitor can also buy Cypriot stamps and coins, wooden articles, woollen goods, like sweaters, shawls as well as woven goods. Some visitors prefer pyrographed or painted gourds, known in Cyprus as “Kolokia”. It is a vegetable of the marrow family hanging from plants often adorning verandahs and taverns. The gourds are decorated and sold as souvenirs. Not very many tourists buy stools made from anathrika, the fennel plant. An icon, often a copy of an original coloured icon, is another souvenir item worth considering. Besides, one can find cheap paintings and sculptures of Cypriot artists.

In Cyprus the tourist can purchase contact lenses, spectacle frames, sunglasses and other optical objects at relatively low prices.

The visitor might even consider maps and blogs on Cyprus and the main towns, calendars of the island and so on.

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