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The Andean side of Ecuador a place of generous, and happy people boasting a range of ethnic identities a place where it is rare to pass a person without saying hello with a few extra days here who might unique traveling from the countryside markets to the city of cuenca we’re on a train ride on the devil’s nose where the tracks make switchbacks to work their way through steep mountain terrain or in one of the churches of cuenca built in the spanish colonial era or in the daily flower market lurking in the shadow of the monumental Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception regarded as Ecuador’s most beautiful city cuenca is located high in the valley of quoi pond a league declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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The old town of cuenca is a well-preserved medieval fortress town presenting exceptional examples of religious, and secular architecture from the th to th centuries many of the colonial buildings were converted, and updated resulting in a distinct blended architecture with both local, and European influences walking the streets the famous Shola Queen Cana standout these are women of mixed Spanish, and indigenous ancestry who can be found making, and selling handicrafts in the plazas, and streets of the city okay Carmen is years old she’s a farmer she has her guinea pigs, and during her free time she makes those beautiful leavings.

A fundamental expression of the Shola’s mixed heritage is her costume topped by the colorful Shaw called a mucuna McCune ours are woven using a bound warp resist method first the wool is died then skillfully worked with a loom Lena kites elemental address in Torah a pogo chain espalda de square o de venado, and finally finished with a knotted fringe sometimes the intricate, and detailed designs on the mccunes. So perfect visitors wonder if the designs are prints intricate patterns of beauty can also be found at an orchid farm an hour northeast of cuenca one of the world’s largest orchid growing operations cultivating more than, varieties la diferencia en el vídeo de una Flores que tiene Trece Panos uno dos tres dos petal oohs Syria uno dos UN la Velo Yoona de the essence of Latin America a unique people, and an unforgettable destination experience the exquisite crafts the diverse architecture, and the breathtaking scenery on the Indian side of Ecuador you.

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