Flo Perfume Atomizer on the Go

Adoram Leshem of FLO accessories, the owner of the well-known jewelry and other fashion products have been taking the world by storm with the emergence of their very own Flo perfume. Recently, the Flow crystal has been the on the go perfume atomizer. This Flo crystal perfume has been receiving positive reviews all around the web and other forms of media with its unique design that blends with the user’s personality of mood. Unlike other expensive or even cheap perfumes who seemed to design an expensive but none reusable bottle, Flo Perfume Atomizer was designed to fit any perfume bottle, which was designed in order for it to be refilled by other brand or any other Flo Perfume type.

How FLO crystal perfume started

Adoram Leshem love’s perfume, in fact, he loved those commercial and expensive brand. Yet, he noticed some major flaws with these perfumes especially with the way they were being packaged. First and foremost, it is hard to carry one due to their size. Another thing is that most of the commercial perfume bottle are non-reusable and non-refillable. No matter how expensive or how durable they look, you would always end up disposing of them. Not to mention that most of these perfume brands are a bit hard to be carried or placed in your pocket. That was how Adoram had this bright idea of designing a perfume and marketing something as an alternative to other brands, but need not be expensive.

Flo Crystal on the go

Ever since Flo have launched perfume as being one of their premier product, the online perfume fanatics have been crazily availing most on its online orders on a bulk basis. That was due to the fact that availing in bulk would mean a cheaper amount per 5 ml bottle as compared to a single purchase. As of today, with different variations to choose from, Flow crystal have been the first choice of those who prefer to buy perfume for practical reason and that includes purchasing one online. Choosing Flo crystal perfume would always be the best choice in using this type of product.

Flo crystal perfume had indeed become the brands on the go perfume atomizer. With all those loopholes, glitch and other packaging and product type that other perfume brands have seemed to missed. The Flo crystal has been very vocal in order to reach out to its current market and expand more to accommodate more perfume fanatics.

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