Growing Up In Johannesburg

Hey guys, and welcome to Johannesburg we have just flown in it was like a 10-hour oh my gosh, I’m losing my voice it was a 10-hour flight I pretty much slept the whole time I was so lucky, I’m two seats next to me. So I pretty much lied down the whole time I felt like I was in first class it was my first experience of first class it was amazing. So the whole time, and then we checked into our hotel this morning at 4:30 a.m. we kinda had like a little morning naps when it had a coffee, and stuff, and it’s now 11 o’clock, and we’re waiting for Stephens friend who he has known how long Steve like I grew up with him in my same street I was in my house for like the first 10 years of your life known him for a long time, and he even moved over to Australia for a bit, and live with Stephen in Australia. So it’s very exciting to see him again. So he’s picking us up, and he’s gonna show us around Gerry Berg, and take Stephen to his oldest suburb where he lived at his school called the clue if any of you guys are from Java yeah I remember. So we’re gonna go see that I’ve never seen Joburg I’ve literally never left the airport. So uh, I’m very excited to see it, and um let’s go yeah I can’t leave him no jet lag first class is amazing I didn’t actually go first class guys I wish we just might have got some snacks for the road food in Africa is so cheap which means we’re gonna be on the biggest health kick.

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Because fruit, and fresh juices, and stuff is sorry cheap. So we’ve got like. So many yummy things like cold-pressed juices, and stuff that we never really want to buy in Australia. Because they’re so overpriced I think this is gonna be a good month for the health kick at the same time, I’m excited forcing him to go on those health kicks, I’m about to shut back this bad boy cucumber spinach avocado, and kale. But I cannot convince Stephen to have a go you don’t want to taste oh of course Stephen a decocker is ginger beer yeah this is the back of the school that is so cool I remember this this is exactly the same this is so cool they used to be the crossing guards.

So I get up this is my old road yes alright if that’s Vincent’s house that means this must be my house this is so cool oh my gosh it looks exactly the same that’s so cool alrighty guys I do apologize for the next post well this post. Because it’s just gonna be a trip down memory lane we’ve literally just come to my old house with pretty much for like most of my life before I moved here this is it just yeah this is so cool, and literally Brendan lived across the way this is Brendan who used to live right here just across across the road as his beautiful wife he’s coming with us as well. But yeah this is my old house this is so cool yeah it looks the same, and then we have an old friend who lives there as well you’re saying he still lives there he still lives there really not gonna thaw don’t worry ok cool. But this is just insane seen your house you haven’t seen in like 16 years yeah you guys can see when we lived in South Africa we did have an electric fence mostly just.

Because the economic situation here in in South Africa it’s still the exact same electric fence, and I think we’re gonna go gatecrash another person I don’t even know this person will remember who I am. Because I’ve been kept in contact with this person, and they still have the exact same car like 16 years ago it’s like Brendan’s house my house, and then we’ve got Vincent’s house yeah, and then we had another friend, and we used to go trick-or-treating down this road, and we had someone just on the corner there it still looks exactly the same still calmly that’s my house is there all right school is finished. So we’re gonna attempt to go into my school this is I think the most, I’m excited for. Because you remember a lot about school please spend so much time at school oh yeah, and we just literally met up with the next-door neighbors who are over there. But I haven’t talked to them in. So long after that just be weird shoving a camera into a face. But Brendan’s I actually haven’t seen this school for such a long time it’s an experience with me yeah.

So this is where we do like sport, and this is like the main hall where we go for assemblies am i right just on the left we used to have now this was used to be opportunity courts, and this was people oh my gosh yes I probably have school photos of me yeah that looks, and looks so much smaller though yeah it was my uniform, and that’s the schools I think I was in Scott do you remember what you ate in house he might’ve you do, and that’s the jump oh I know right. So this is when I was there 97 98 99, and then I left in 2000 my best friend was incurred. So they won that year they came to school every single day, and I got stood up there with my award this was where my very first classroom was sorry cool we probably hanged out here as well this is where I went to prior pre-primary guys I think this is the end of the the tour. But that’s cool of course we had to see a Nelson Mandela if we came to Joburg, and that is one alrighty Brendan just dropped us off we’re walking back to the hotel that Stephen has had such the little walk down memory lane nostalgia party it almost feel like pologize for this post I feel like this one is for me yeah definitely for your family do, and then are your mom, and your brother, and stuff’s gonna enjoy reading this back, and seeing like hey, I’m good, and I Winkley looking back, and having this footage to work back yeah it was awesome singing it cuz I’ve always wanted to see it as well yeah different was like for me I was just like born love it with. But it was cool. Because I’ve seen all these old photos, and stuff, and it’s cool like scene person, and we also we in a post it. But we actually went, and met some of his like neighbors like went to their neighbor’s house who still lived in the house, and went in, and talked to them, and stuff which is awesome.

So ready for bed I think we’ve conquered the jetlag though we do straight I hope you guys enjoyed our very quick stop to Joburg today’s comment of the day is from Emily, and she says what are some of the volunteer projects that you might be doing in Africa also I’ve seen all your post is big fan oh thank you Emily well tomorrow we actually off to Cape Town to go to our first volunteer project during our time here. So I guess you guys will find out tomorrow well volunteer projects we are going to. So make sure you watch that post. So you guys are excited for this Africa trip make sure you comment. So you can see what we get up to give this post a thumbs up, and goodnight guys we will see you tomorrow on a plane on our way to Cape Town 9.

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