Kayak Adventure from Franz Josef Glacier

Grab your paddle, because here on New Zealand’s South Island, you can kayak on this glacial lake created by the Franz Joseph glacier. All right, we just geared up. I’ve got my life preserver on and my fancy little skirt. And we’re about to hop in our boats and take off onto the lake. Pretend you’ve got an ice cream spoon and you want to try and get as much ice cream out of the water as possible. With our tour, we cater for all levels of ability.

Kayak Adventure from Franz Josef Glacier Photo Gallery

So we get lots of people out here that feel like they can’t do it, but as soon as we get them in the boat and paddling, then it’s nice and easy for them. Whee! This is amazing. I can’t believe how smooth the water is. I love the scenery, too.

And just taking in the mountains. So this is an inlet creek where the water comes into the lake and it’s so calm and peaceful. All of this here is old growth, so it’s ancient. It’s like paddling back in time. They call this Echo Bay, because of the echo.

Beautiful southern alps in the background, which is really cool. And the history and the guides brought a lot of fun and flare to the trip. Anybody can do it. It’s awesome. It’s wonderful.

It’s beautiful out here. Super easy.

Bring it on, baby. Bring it on. What an adventure. While I knew it was gonna be beautiful, I never imagined it would’ve been such a majestic experience. Paddling across the lake, learning about the sanctuary around me, it was a remarkable day.

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