Hey guys it’s a little bit rainy today yesterday was so sunny. But the shame that’s a bit rainy.

Because today we had planned to hire some bikes, and go cycling around Stanley Park I think we’re still gonna do it anyway, and we also have a cafe we want to take drew. So we’re gonna do that as well, and that’s it Steven we have some other stuff planned no you said good morning. So we just went through gas town, and just show drew around, and now we are just walking to a bike rental place. So we can do bike race bike all this evil. So I feel down like that yes just got our bikes, and now we’re heading to Stanley Park it’s so nice in here was there sign likes kind of cool which one are we Jess what the equestrian or pedestrian or that is rebel. So just cycle up to a place called Ferguson point bit confuse them here we are actually we don’t the cities that way if the cities that way we saw a raccoon yeah. But we didn’t go anywhere.


So yeah we’re just gonna figure out where to go, and then I think we’re gonna go return the bikes, and we’ve got a little cool cafe we want to go to which we saw even hopefully, and I sometimes I close a fire oh yeah we’ll see. So we sought that cool cafe we thought was gonna be your Breaking Bad themed. But blue an aside, and it was like a Japanese very expensive. So instead we’re going to go to Timmy’s let’s go coffee we’re exhaust the guys so much walking how many steps he’s got one of those 15 15 thousand. So we’re just gonna head home, and these guys want to watch a big brother. Because it starts tonight starts like the us I do not want to watch we had a song missing out yeah guys this is how homely our neighborhood is very cute neighborhood isn’t it it’s like what is that for pecking yeah there’s like birdseed balls babies inside we took a little photo inside the hole, and there were little birds in there were a little birds, and they will put a photo. So you can see it was so cute they thought Worth’s mum a boy bird. Because they were like hell opening their mouth for you to eat you know how we review our accomodation based on what is found in the cupboard this place is hundred percent favorite something I’ve only ever found in Canada is that you guys have dill pickle chips, and they literally tastes like a pickle now I kind of like it guys we bought some at Bernie’s from the dollar store, and I was just opening it to put it on Stephens foot never buy band-aids for the dollar store. Because I went to open it, and it is the tiniest thing ever it’s like there’s eyebrow ones that people wear you know where do they have when people have had surgery I don’t know why nobody would do that anyway give me a cup thanks for reading today guys I think you’re gonna watch me grow long yeah the new me brother stylist, I’m gonna watch that now yeah, I’m gonna cry what are you gonna do yeah we’ll see.

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