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Muir Woods Sausalito Half Day Trip

Hi. This is Rod Cuthbert for travel. Over the Golden Gate Bridge and just 20 minutes from San Francisco is Muir Woods, home to one of the few remaining stands of the massive California coast redwood trees. Muir Woods is a small valley and it’s eerily quiet. The thick canopy means there’s not much undergrowth, and besides the little stream, there’s not much happening at ground level. But up above, there’s plenty to see. Many of these trees are over 200 feet tall, and they tend to cluster in groups so you find these circles or families. You’ll spend a lot of time looking up.

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I’ve been on many occasions, and whilst it’s never crowded you’ll see people from all the world over and all walks of life, all drawn by the majesty of the Sequoia trees. It’s a place you won’t easily forget.

Map Of Sausalito California

After Muir Woods, the tour takes you to one of America’s most famous seaside towns, Sausalito. It’s just a few miles from downtown, and there’s beautiful views back into the city from the quiet waterfront.

Map Of Sausalito And Surrounding Area

Sausalito is full of great shops, cafes, galleries, and restaurants, so many you’ll probably want to come back and explore them again or even take the option to leave the tour here, spend the afternoon, and catch the ferry back to the city yourself afterwards. Just make sure you tell the driver, otherwise he’ll spend all day looking for you. Anyway, if you plan to be in the San Francisco Bay area any time soon, make time for this half day trip into one of America’s most beautiful national monuments.

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It’s an experience you won’t easily forget. The tour runs every day, and is always popular, especially in the high season. Do organize it in advance though, because you might find it sold out if you wait until you’ve arrived to make your booking. You can find this tour and lots of other great San Francisco tours on Thanks for reading.

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