Hey everybody today we are taking the car back to the car place. Because all the family comes back today and. So then tomorrow we are off to go to a game reserve. So we don’t need a car anymore for a moment.


But it has been really nice timing. But there’s no point taking any longer, and then it just sitting at home. So yeah tomorrow we’re going to a game us up with all the family which is so cool. So today we’re just waiting for them to all come home from their little trip that they did for the LA wedding trip I don’t really know what we’ve got planned for today, I’m not sure either. But I think Stevens parents are coming down into the city to pick us up. Because we’re dropping the car off, and maybe we can go out to breakfast to convince them to how much breakfast with us, and then after that I guess we’ll come home see the family, and work out from there what we’re doing today.

But it is a really pretty day those blue stars, and really too simple, I’ll keep town look how careful these streets are he a bit lost returning our car. But I know it happy we get to see these nice houses I think we almost found the place eh, and right here goodbye weird weird car you’re saying this is the worst car you ever drove isn’t it when we did chief on the car we did cheaper I would not recommend that guy just come to Longstreet we thought we would go out for a coffee with my parents do I think we have an island chilled with them yet. Because it’s been. So crazy with all the families. So we gonna find another cafe not the one with the racket eyes, and Stephen had some good properties there’s ten thirty I need a coffee we’re not having much luck you’re gonna go down to the waterfront already part two of us trying to find something breakfast some pancakes actually sound pretty good. So we just come to the world that way. So just come to the waterfront, and it’s pretty dead yeah I don’t know maybe Cape Town just doesn’t open on a Sunday or maybe they open at 11:00 that’s my hope.

Because it’s 5:00 to 11:00. So let’s go Stephen go find a cafe or a restaurant that’s open for us, and abuse yeah are so beautiful you can see Table Mountain just behind our Cape Town’s weather’s been. So good to us except for the paragliding day we decided that those fog on that day every other day it’s been. So clear to go up the mountain, and parabati okay I think we have some luck there’s a restaurant here there’s a bakery there just I first noticed these little yellow frames on Signal Hill, and we’re paragliding, and they set them up all over Cape Town is like a tourism thing, and I think you get your photo in the frame, and there’s got like a nice the coordinates of where you are, and there’s what you’re like it’s kind of cool Jannis they don’t do pancakes that’s right okay for a panini then you’ve got to kind of have moved down the helicopter guys, and try again. But still. So expensive I wish helicopters were cheaper let’s go inside yeah this is the the hi Galina wanting to do I’d love to do one that’s always. So expensive here’s everyone Cape Town’s version of the London Eye right here I don’t know fellas Oh Camila which one I like this one pick that one up to him oh my god this roof ass I got frosted since we lost try it oh hello the B canal oh look how big they get they look at the mama look, I’ll show it in comparison you ready little baby into monkey oh let me scared we’ve come to spend the afternoon at custom Busch Gardens I think that’s how you say it trust me there’s so much is right across like right next to Table Mountain, and when we’re at lunch with Nick, and Angela they suggested we come here, and now that, I’m Steve’s auntie is that aren’t tuna quiche we’ve taken her down yeah and, I’m I think we’re gonna go, and have some afternoon tea, and then they have a canopy walk.

So we’re gonna do a canopy walk first coming yeah, and we’re just thinking when we’re in Hawaii, and we went to Koala ranch koala garage we out on Jurassic world it looks exactly the same as it’s been speaking out for you’ll see a better view of it when we’re the kind of people. Because actually like above the trees there we’re gonna go find that too when I walking along the canopy, and it is so beautiful I didn’t even know there was like rainforest II kind of Ares in Africa it’s so amazing hey Stevie look at that view Wow. So pretty this canopy things. So cool see you like walk above the trees sorry nice come for a quick snack. But everything is closed literally by five minutes yeah all the food look at this that’s good as a koala cream the last time we had it was with auntie died I was laying upon it awesome yes cool stunning weather Stephen is currently eating jam with cheese it was served like this to me on a muffin bran muffin it’s so weird it’s actually pretty good mm-hmm no good yeah. So every Sunday night they have like a show on like a musical show in the gardens, and it’s so beautiful auntie NIC he came here, and she saw Michael Buble.

But we’re just looking at who was on, and Jeremy loops is on well we would go see him. Because we’ve seen him a few of Ben’s posts, and such a really good musician, and we would have come down seen him. But we’re actually not in Cape Town on favours we’re up in South Africa at a game reserve for New Year’s Eve it was just one day later we’d be in k-town then. But the show is not on these pay $15, and you go, and see a show with this amazing background we’re now getting ready for a family feast oh wow, I’m really in the way found a good album to put on while we have dinner here we go well we don’t have a barbecue we just kind of come sit in the kitchen. But tomorrow we’re going to a game reserve which would be fun. So we have to get up super early thanks to Auntie Nikki organized um. So yeah we’re going to a place called akela game reserve rookie yeah it should be fun we’re gonna go on a game drive lots of activities plan.

But he has everyone someone want to say good night bye guys.

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