Night Walking Tour and Pisco Sour Lesson in Cusco Peru

Tonight, we’re going on a walking tour of the San Blas neighborhood. It’s the bohemian area, where there’s lots of vendors and artists, and it’s a lot of fun. And then we’re gonna finish off with little bit of pisco sour. We’re not just drinking it. We’re gonna learn how to make it. Today, we have the visit to the neighborhood of San Blas.

Artist neighborhood, people have unique pieces. What’s really cool about this neighbhorhood is that the artists actually live here, and they sell their own products. Meaning that it’s very unique. You can’t find it anywhere else, only here. Bonita!

Night Walking Tour and Pisco Sour Lesson in Cusco Peru Photo Gallery

One of the distinctive features of the San Blas neighborhood are these really narrow alleyways, and they’re just really fun to walk down. And there’s all these little houses, and the steps up. Wow, this was definitely worth the hike all the way to the top. I mean, that view is incredible. All the houses, and all their lights are just kind of twinkling. It’s definitely a magical city, huh? The walking part of the tour is over, and now it is time to treat ourselves to some pisco.

Pisco is fascination of grapes, so we’re going to try that one. They’re going to tell us the history, and then you’re going to do your own pisco behind the bar. I’m definitely not a bartender. This is the first time, but I’m excited to give it a shot. We use four shots of this to start off with, here we go. This right here is the sugar. Lime juice. A little bit more of it. More of that? Okay, okay. My guide wants to get me hammered, here we go.

More strong. More strong! Yeah! I don’t have much finesse. These guys look much cooler than me. There we go. So I’ve made my very first pisco sour, in the home of pisco sours: Peru. Ah! It’s pretty good. Thanks buddy! Woo! This has been an unforgettable evening. Our guide took us all around the old streets of Cusco. It was so much fun, we learned a whole bunch, and we’re finishing it off with the beautiful pisco drink. Cheers! Salud, cheers!

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