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Surrounded by eight of the world’s ten highest peaks including mighty Everest the mountain city of Kathmandu emerged at a crossroad of ancient Asia god. I have to go.

I’m there. I want to see the mountains. I want to see the people prayer flags adorned temples which date back to the th century pilgrims make their way to local shrines as merchants sell their fragrant wares in a local market.

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I love to show them my country the mountains village, and also the cultural part what discoveries await you with a few extra days to venture through the temples, and streets of colorful Katmandu located at an altitude of, feet Katmandu was once known as Conte poor or the city of glory as mecca’s Kaaba is for Muslim pilgrims. So is the abode an odd stupa the holiest temple in Nepal for Tibetan Buddhists rising above the dome is the four-sided harm iike Buddha’s eyes look out in all directions symbolizing his total awareness a lot of people when they come to the temple to the Buddhist temple they just just feel these prayer wheels or we have seen the big player will they come, and they speak these clear with. So these clear is mostly we see in Buddhist temple c’mon who is the only city that we have seven World Heritage Site within twenty square kilometres of practice.

I didn’t realize that Nepal had a large Tibetan population. So that was interesting to me to see. So in this pendant we have a three kind one is mandalas that you see right now mandalas like these are a ritual symbol of centeredness a diagram mapping the universe for cosmos known as the oldest city in Katmandu Valley Pathan is a center of both Hinduism, and Buddhism with ba halls or courtyards, and major temples one of its unique attractions is the ancient royal palace where mala kings of Valley poor resided got to see the palaces, and then all the temples.

So many temples. I had never seen. So many temples in one place before, and all the pigeons.

So many pigeons a short rickshaw ride through the narrow streets of Kathmandu carries visitors to the Kamal market a vibrant hub where merchants sell rare spices, and artisans craftsmen fabrics, and ceramic bowls took a wonderful rickshaw ride that was comfortable going right through the streets this sir the blade is made out of solid the travelers they discover. So many things in Nepal especially the different culture and I always wanted to come to Kathmandu and I’m. So glad.

I did experience the diversity, and the magic of a few extra days in Katmandu a mesmerizing spiritual hub nestled at the top of the world you.

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