Funny guys I just realized we haven’t started the post.

But, I’m gonna start on a really good note look at this what one would you like Steve it’s a britain arm son it’s a bread vending machine you ready yep nice do you want alright sorry about the weird opening Hey from Munich Germany we are getting ready to go to Switzerland today, and a lot of you guys have told us that Switzerland is really expensive especially on their food, and the exchange rates really bad for us. So we were thinking let’s be clever here we bought some groceries for Switzerland in Germany. Because the groceries in Germany are really really cheap like they were really cheap country in Europe that we be – to be honest frog with religion those of the exchange rate I mean in my yeah bother you in the euro the food here is cheap. So we were like alright let’s buy our food here bring it to Switzerland.

Because we’re there for two days slightly physical losses two days, I’m pretty sure we’re staying includes breakfast yes. So if you fill up ourselves up for breakfast, and then we eat this stuff like for lunch for lunch for dinner then hopefully we don’t need to waste all our money on food in Switzerland yes we’re now going back to my room rubbing our bags, and then jumping on our train Ted to Zurich died of suicide yeah, I’m sorry actually puts a train ride. Because one of the most beautiful train rides is going to Sweden yeah, I’m going through Switzerland -, and it’s clear my comfy is bed in the world by broom we’ll miss this hotel nonetheless stuff what even is this sorry for the cleaners ha are we messing all right alpha zero let’s go all righty you found our train time to Zurich is it up there, I’m 18 got our own little private booth this is definitely Harry Potter style now it is it was a pretty good way to end Germany at the Nash Weinstein castle over there I want to explore more of Germany’s countryside definitely have to come back to it, and a lot of you suggested like on our Instagram don’t know these posts alight.


But a lot of you suggested that all these different cute towns, and you can Salzburg I saw really yes there’s so many more places mmm. But now new country we know basically ah this is country number 28 coming for us yeah something like a city number 55 Wow it’s always liked we in cities now. Because we were just. So many different cities in America yeah, and I was like that was so long. But only one country you know you have been good to us Germany I know we didn’t explore much of Frankfurt. But mean it was nice just looking up what the weather was going to be like in Zurich, and it’s like we just missed winter.

Because we’re there we’re there today which is 14 tomorrow is 14, and the next days 15 then we leave, and while we’re gone it suddenly rains, and then suddenly it’s two degrees three degrees two degrees how is it such a jump we’re very lucky at me home. So lucky by like day I can’t believe it’s going for 14 to 2. Because I know I was talking to someone in Germany, and they were saying that usually this time of year like there’s already snow, and yesterday was so wrong I want to take a jumper off that’s really weird. But, I’m kind of happy who better looks like here we’re just going to miss winter hopefully after Zurich we’re then wanting to go even further south. So probably diddly yeah actually I want to quickly check the weather in Italy as well yeah sure hopefully we miss all the rain, and all the cold all righty we just have a quick changeover in a now you still enjoy a quick changeover in Germany, and we’re going to be leaving the German trains, and I think jumping onto a Swiss Swiss train. So we’ll see if it’s any different it is two hours to Switzerland, and then we just have to catch like a like a public transport bus to get to where our patellas.

So it isn’t five hours you know let’s find out maybe it’s four, and a half hours all righty we just got to Shroff haizen find the next up Doric yeah I find Switzerland yet or question yeah I feel like we’re in Switzerland cuz the trains are different I don’t know that’s all literally all, I’m basing it on very cool you got a big juicy burger behind you oh he’s good big juicy little island juicy lives. So we’re getting a 321 really how do you get yeah oh yeah I think your whole doesn’t Express train oh that’s all right okay this stuff for our baggage, and then we can sit here yeah sounds good you hello Zurich wow it’s actually a really big city not the capital burns capital fun packed with cheer all right you guys we’ve arrived when it’s working out where we’re going the place is staying at his hotel why is it off I think that’s what we think happens how you save for having a look I feel like the UM Swiss language it’s a little bit tricky to read. But yes why not try it off, and they shall know to the right down this right all right let’s go I think it’s not really close to the train station why should be easy very tasteful translation. So really convenient good in let’s go oh we found it it’s like here’s the train station as they’re really convenient oh wow this looks fancy thank you thank you the key is the door open thinking here in the life me oh I say thank you if you go to our boutique with you yesterday Oh oh my goodness it’s huge yes wow this is so nice I got like storage room for our luggage oh wow the whoops be honest is so nice look, and I learned it all tablet like an iPad yeah bathroom oh wow. So yeah my own bar no that’s a lot of buttons I don’t even know what do you do I don’t know if, I’m doing this leave that bit look at this they’re giving us like some fruit, and chocolate to start us off with that’s nice yeah yeah this is really cool alrighty first things first is you know what it is you know what it is cleaners gave me Abel’s not Playgirl you know something well I don’t know 15 is TV sorry it’s coffee yeah what else is there oh there’s a look there’s biscuits in here yeah they look good they’re like they’re like Swiss Vicki’s let’s eat all of the biscuits what’s a biscuits what hot spinny, and choose a pod oh, I’m like round blue I like that color to look refined let’s have two of them Coffee for you oh that looks.

So good what’s this hey go it’s a cookie yeah it’s Swiss coffee oh, I’m so shaky it looks a little bit small there you go I just need to get you sugar, and it is not any milk yet are you serious let me get some all righty guys I was just trying to make a list of things we should do tomorrow Zurich thing is really really 24 hours to explore it. But I think we can explore in 24 hours we are for the challenge um we were looking to see if we want to go out, and do any do something. But everything I want to do tomorrow I want it to be in the daylight. So we can take some good foodies, and be able to post it better Wow this window just like opened up our window Lola wait let me put the strap on, I’m scared, I’m going to drop the camera. But here is our view of the city there you go it’s focused oh wow look at that up there up on the mountains that’s so nice I think we’re actually going to go to the top of that hill tomorrow where’s my think of it we’re gonna go to the top of that tomorrow, I’m gonna fly the drawing up there which I think’s gonna be cool, and get a really good view of the city I think below us there are shops, and people, and down there that’s quite a cool-looking city um yeah I think we’ve got our tomorrow sorted look up there Steve we’re going up there City we’re going up there whoa the top that’s the highest point in Zurich we’re gonna take the drawing also I was looking up, and bikes here to rent a free you just have to give them like 20 Swiss dollars as a deposit, and then once you give them Swiss franc, and then once you’re um Montee done with the bike you bring it back, and they give you a money back which is awesome, and there’s also an old town here medieval town kind of area which we want to see. So got quite a few little things planned that out there it’s so pretty I can’t make it look like I look at this view look at that put your head out, and look to the left up we go to the top of that tomorrow Wow nice Hey actually haven’t even noticed, I’m sorry pretty hey I know well okay the thing is that, I’m gonna have confess something to you guys what are you gonna confess I love ya these sterling one I don’t watch any of the others, and now Australia has had two bachelors, and this year while I was away they had the Bachelorette, and I was like I really want to watch it. So I got the whole season ready play your head really watch it before I made clear what we’ve watched two posts do you love it I love it.

So good sorry good. So that’s like what we’ve been spending the day on the train doing is just reading bachelor or the Bachelorette, and um oh my god I can’t get over a URI I just wanna sit here, and do work on this little bench II thing is so nice yes. So, I’m glad it to my plant got on my piece of paper got to do that. But I don’t know it’s getting dark now, I’m so bad at going out at nighttime once it gets to my time we get. So cold in here in Europe do you anything to really do is go out to dinner. But I prefer to stay in.

So do you want at least go walk down the road, and check it out let’s go walk around a couple of streets, I’m pretty sure wearing like a shopping you kind of district let’s look it out let’s really check the food prices, and see if mm was correct with how I was saying everything’s expensive they’re wrong you think, I’m wrong I just googled it, and again they said food’s expensive I don’t know let’s go flying the Nets investigation see how much food is here don’t mind wolf didn’t yeah yeah oh my god, I’m actually gonna cry usually I can deal with paint. But I hate the toilet right, and then cleared idea crying it isn’t me if I stood up chatter I know, I’m not crying anymore I keep my broken toy you see yes he’s gonna break that time we are back in your room, and close the door back in your room wait are you still trying to go home no it’s fine I just really cause like it’s like if you’ve broken your arm, and then heat your broken arm oh yeah the moment it’s all fixed now look by the time I like broke my toe, and I’ve just been trying to do with it like a cast on a toe, and it’s hit all right you guys go out. So well what more are you doing you hey my toes feeling much better we’re now leaving it to go check it out if you were concerned, I’m okay duck sorry hey come on let’s go come on leo oh we go off it’s scary let’s go oh how cool is it hats all Christmassy in here now look at this this is a really nice reception room Christmas. So nice in here I love the lights we’re gonna go have a look around Steve where you see our room from up here that’s where we will look at this. So even though like I think oh one of our dollars gets seventy of SN’s which is very similar to the Euro you still need to go find what something costs. So we can’t find a grocery stores our next best bet is McDonald’s burger. So this is us figuring out as Switzerland is as expensive as everyone Sesame’s like you’re on a Mac O’s so it’s sixteen fifty of our monies for a Big Mac meal that is expensive this city is as expensive as every as everyone says that’s how one way of checking we’ve done the experiment, and that’s us decided now a resolution Buster’s is that a myth busted or is that a myth confirmed I missed confirmed yeah I know we’ve been talking about is the German Christmas markets.

But look they’re starting to get them ready. So they do in Switzerland as well they’re really cute I love how they put the actual tray on top with all righty guys Jess is falling asleep reading The Bachelorette she’s been reading it all night. Because the Australian one was on, and she just downloaded, and marathoned them all, and appreciate clears in the other room reading it as well yeah yeah thanks for reading guys, and we’ll show you around see you tomorrow bye guys.

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