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The Danube is Europe’s second-longest river at miles, and the only river in the world to flow through the capital cities of four countries it delivers Eastern Europe. I’m looking forward to seeing the just architecture in the style, and the people the culture times traveling is a joy once hidden behind the iron curtain with a recent history of war dictatorship, and economic hardship what does the region look like today you the danube river offers a wash of exceptional landscape, and community life villages feel sculpted into the riverbank revealing glimpses of daily life. I love the river, and sitting out, and just watching the river go by, and all the activity on the river.

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I love that program directors can give insight to life along the shore. We’ve had wonderful program directors they’re always the very best. I think you can find.

So we also want to just love being with them they’re. So wonderful good humour good people smart, and they have a great heart-to-heart quality you know. How important that is he was an electrician, and all of his career he wanted to accede to a higher position in factory but in order for him to do. So he was supposed to become either member of the Communist Party either member of the secret police, and he refused to do both of them, it’s just unbelievable, and it really puts it into perspective to really feel coming.

I mean, I was born into freedom but. I appreciate it all the way.

I want to cry you know it was just. This is just really good at this part of the world into perspective the details of this discussion come alive along this stretch of the Danube when built the iron gates consisted of two dams with communist Romania on the north bank, and communist Yugoslavia on the Sun designed to tap the huge power of the rivers flow the iron gates formed as storage lake spreading miles upstream turning Europe’s second-longest River into a waterway that is half river path lake passing through the second hydroelectric dam of the day vessels find themselves sitting within one of the largest hydropower plants in Europe as the forward gate sinks beneath the surface of the water the light goes green beginning is arguably the most spectacular scenery of the eastern half of Angela many surprises lie within this mountain pass a stone plaque art to celebrate the Roman Emperor Trajan on the Romanian shore an orthodox monastery a massive carving of the Romanian tribal chief date j-pop appears on the clip over the river further on monocle the key in a town ravaged by communist invasions a home hosted meal offers a chance to get to know a family who survived many years behind the Iron Curtain who didn’t hear me my name is our lives of glycogen family name is vodka which likes to rise on the house, it’s also name of our babies what we have here our profit is being about six thousand square meters, and the point of rural tourism score is the family atmosphere where, it’s a family business which we do just this, it’s for a part in a little baby what is that any strong minute. This is plum brandy homey time of the war where did you, it’s big been to the city knows who your boss if we live there seven years, and there’s a man by Big Bang came back here, and everything was destroyed well we learned the PIA when the serbian army came they gave him low warning.

So the people who devastated in that respect, and a lot of their homes will totally ruins, and they went away, and came back, and rebuilt their houses. Because they love their country. So much that they decided to come back, and rebuild we have any defense of did she have time to pack, and did you put stuff in a car or is that big there’s some features, and the nothing L this house was almost totally destroyed, and they came back, and rebuilt it and I have to give him credit for it it involved a lot a lot of work with the shortage of materials that they had, and the shortage of money that they had it took an awful lot to do that sorry proud people wonderful me and I hear jocular does the Danube is the heart of Budapest once known as two cities Buddha on the west bank, and tetched on the east here guided tours show some of the highlights of this historic city castle hill an area first settled in the th century provides an excellent view of the city, and River below plus.

You’ll have plenty of free time to explore on your own no don’t worry don’t worry we’re gonna mingle with the next group we’re going to find the next Hungarian, and make believe that people very friendly, and you know very helpful any question we ask them they never hesitate to help. So that’s that’s a really pleasant apartment exploring by foot, it’s easy to get lost a success no matter where the journey ends, it’s all planned. I don’t have to worry about a thing, and they’ve picked out all the things that.

I should see each stop on this voyage through Hungary Croatia Serbia Bulgaria, and Romania provides lasting insight into life here today from your hometown. You’ll set out on a journey of discovery. You’ll fly to Budapest Hungary to meet your program director, and begin your cruise along the Danube your discoveries begin with in-depth exploration in Buda, and pest then.

You’ll enjoy a close views of Croatian life cruise on towards Belgrade capital of Serbia continue your scenic cruise through Bulgaria to the Black Sea by way of the Danube of Black Sea canal then transfer overland to Bucharest Romania where your journey concludes on this journey. You’ll delve into European history, and culture delve into the cuisine aren’t nightlife all the treasures of the Hungarian capital along the den. You’ll be surprised by scenes of unspoiled natural grandeur in Serbia.

You’ll be intrigued by the epic history most Americans know little about, and everywhere. You’ll be gratified by the warmth, and candor of the people as local life is revealed up close, and personal you.

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