San Francisco Golden Gate Seaplane Map

This post we checking out San Francisco by sea but we’re not hopping on a boat, we’re actually gonna take this sea plane out for a bird’s eye view of the city. “Psh, ready for take off, psh.” I had no idea that San Francisco was surrounded by so much natural beauty. It’s Market Street and you can see it all the way up. The city is huge, it’s just sprawling and that’s what’s so fun about seeing it from above, from a bird’s eye view.

San Francisco Golden Gate

San Francisco Golden Gate Seaplane Map Photo Gallery

You know, the experience actually is the freedom of flying. You can really have no restrictions and you get to see panoramic views that you really wouldn’t get to see anywhere else. Pretty cool huh? The Rock. There’s the home of the Giants. There it is. That’s AT&T Park? AT&T Park, yep. Wow.

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Toll

We charge extra for super smiles. I owe you a lot of money then. I can’t believe how beautiful the Golden Gate Bridge looks from above. I feel like I’m in a movie. I’ve never been in an airplane before and landed in the water, that’s pretty crazy. Here we go, here’s the landing. Wow, that was so cool. I’ve been in planes before but really, this was like none other. It was so amazing. Seeing San Francisco from above, highly recommended.

San Francisco Golden Bridge

San Francisco – Muir Woods and Wine Country Tour

This post we’re visiting two of the favorite spots just outside of San Francisco. Muir Woods. And Sonoma wine country. It’s amazing that just over the bridge a short drive from San Francisco, you find this oasis. It’s so serene and peaceful. There are all sorts of different trails through Muir Woods so you can walk along, you can come here for a run. You just have these trees towering above you.

Wow. These trees are so big, I fit right inside. I feel like a little house. Unbelievable. We’ve arrived here, in beautiful Sonoma. We’re gonna head to a winery, and try some wines. This winery is one of only ten wineries to produce wine during the prohibition. This is actually a descendant of the first vine grown in northern California. Mm, you can have some of the grapes right off the vine.

San Francisco Golden State Warriors

We’ve explored the winery, now it’s time to taste some wine. My favorite part. The first one is called Ruset. Mm, I like that. Good start. Fun fact, some of the barrels here at the winery are made of redwood. And unlike oak, which affects the flavor of the wine, redwood leaves it just the same. This is chardonnay. Very light-bodied, but still, very citrus. I’ve had such a wonderful day exploring Muir Woods, and Sonoma, gonna finish one last glass of wine and head back to San Francisco.

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