How to Travel in Madrid

It’s actually just been raining. So it worked that I didn’t go out earlier it’s still raining a little bit. But I am going to the park, and this enchanted grove of trees, and the pedal is all over walking back now that was so great I always wanted to go there I’ve seen photos, and it’s just. So good, I’m so glad that I got the chance to go, and now, I’m heading back to kind of the area where I am staying. Because, I’m meeting an old friend for coffee. So I found the cafe where, I’m meeting my friend it was actually very close to the park now I have found a cat cafe which I’ve heard about they’re kind of getting popular in Europe maybe, I’ll go there while I wait to have 45 minutes.

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So I have gone into the cat cafe, and found a friend here this cat the likes me. So the cats here they rescue from shelters, and they’re also all up for adoption. So if anyone in Madrid what’s like cat you should definitely come here, and meet them. So this is fun I just finished having coffee, and then walking around with my friend which was very nice we walk kind of along some parts of Madrid she frequents behind me, and I am back at the Palacio, and my friend recommended that I go to this Egyptian temple in the middle of Madrid, and you know that’s so, I’m going man I found this place called the hardiness passivity. So right now I am at the temple of liver it is an actual ancient Egyptian donate it to the to Spain by the Egyptians it’s just amazing to me. So this place apparently has the best sunset in Madrid yeah I just finished having dare, and it’s about 9:30 p.m.

, and I think, I’m going to head out a little more, and just get a few more night shots of the city. Because it looks. So beautiful that way, and then it will be the end of my time in metrid have an early flight to porto tomorrow morning. So I will end my Madrid adventure curses are here I suppose I’ve had such a really great time in Madrid it’s been incredible, and my first stop in Europe, and it could not have really been any better it was just. So great everything that I did and. So many things even exceeded my expectations, and the city is so beautiful, and yeah I will be back.

But tomorrow I fly to Porto. So I can tell you we’ll see about good night.

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