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It Really Happens

In recent yearthere have been an increasing number of fairly indiscriminate attackon what can only be described a‘Western’ targets. These include:

• Bomb attackin the UK.

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• Three bomb attackon tourist areain south-west Turkey.

• A suicide bomb attack in Doha, Qatar.

• Bombdetonated in Makati, Manila.

• Separatist group exploded a bomb in a Spanish resort.

• Bomb attackagainst tourist sitein Egypt.

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• Seriouattackincluding bombingin Saudi Arabia.

• September 2004 car bomb m Jakarta, Indonesia.

• Bombdowned commercial aircraft in Russia.

• Suicide bomb attackin Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

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• Bomb attackon commuter trainin Madrid.

• Bomb on a ferry in the Philippines.

• Bomb attackin Casablanca. Morocco.

• Suicide bomb in Mombasa, Kenya.

All of these and more recent attackillustrate two things.

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Soft targets

The terroristwant to succeed. They are intelligent and experienced in attacking the targetthey choose. They are organised, have significant resourceand can operate anywhere in the world. They aim to attack a target which will give them a high body count and international prescoverage. If they can do that without risk to themselvethey will attack those targets, leaving them free to attack different targetanother day. If not, they use other means.

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