Living with the Tribe People of North Thailand

I know this toilet gives you the illusion that it’s a fancy toilet. But this facade still needs to be flush the old-fashioned way when you got a do washing you gotta do washing Hey everybody how you doing is just after 7:00 a.m. and if you’re wondering, I’ll sleep last night on a mattress that is probably the equivalent of concrete I think the best word to use would be sleep just went, and jumped into a nice beautiful cold shower to start our day it seems that we are on breakfast duties today. So we’ll see what we’re cooking no morning what do we make how true this is. But we’ve heard that the maker of Red Bull came to Thailand or what the locals were doing for energy drinks, and that’s where you got the idea for Red Bull. But we’ve gotten a local version of Red Bull it’s not like carbonated. So it’s like got no fizz in it it’s like Red Bull cordial I feel really guilty having this. Because I haven’t been having.

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So it’s not So dark there’s no bubbles really guilty having this foot stay. So there’s no bubbles everything. So let us know below for the soda I don’t think it is you me means me you know you doing no bubbles Darren it tastes like a cordial Red Bull does taste like a toy or ago mm-hmm there you go I need to see you drink it on camera they’re not joking you drink it on a camera okay guys I think this is gonna be one of the coolest things we’re gonna do in this entire Southeast Asia trip for the night we’re actually gonna go do a homestay with one of the villages here we’ve just woken up, and gone for a walk, and she’s invited us into our house this is where we’re gonna be staying for the night house posting. But he just missed it she pretty much just opened up her gate. But we think these across of course we’re totally unprepared, and this is pretty much where we’re gonna be staying there’s one giant room, and they invited us to stay here I think we’ll take this mattress it’s so much bigger than the one we had in Cambodia you’re stuck Oh an ice cream it’s kind of cool we’re here at the perfect time. Because there is a local traditional wedding going on at the moment, and they’re all dressed up very traditionally this is going to be a very cool morning just we should get some ideas for our wedding this is so cool Oh that seriously was one of the coolest experiences we got told there was a wedding, and we kind of walked over there a little uncomfortable like we’re gonna get crash a wedding.

But then they were. So friendly and. So open-armed they invited us in they wanted photos with us, and who needs selfies with us they’re like always honored that we were at their wedding we watched the wedding it was beautiful it was just really cool to see, and the traditional wear that they had on it was just really cool this is we currently have rice flour, and what you need to do you do bait it into like a dough, and then we have sweet, and coconut in the middle I know you’re not gonna we have to roll it back up until these balls here, and then are we dipping these in the green yeah, and then we’re gonna drive the green, and then coming back like this, and you made a hole in the middle. So you think too much like this the kitchen this is so cool, and it smells. So good cheers everyone Vic you like just let us not how ties all right let’s do it ready to go all righty guys we’re gonna go collect some firewood to help out our homestay lady she cuddle this would like more than you know when you see the locals, and they have those things on the head, and they’re carrying like half a ton boss on their head just need to give it a try, I’m giving it a try guys this is the he mows unconscious way of dragging wood they wanted us to try their traditional clothing here – yeah it’s nice I think okay do it guys they had some traditional dress, and I like do you want to wear our traditional fancy dress, and we’re like yes we do yeah let’s have a look at this female one definitely is like got way more trained for the wedding today yeah it is like it’s just cool mm-hmm, and then here’s my one I think with the men it’s more of a like the feathers on the Hat in the hair just go hmm, I’m a very cool pair we are Andy now afternoon by heading to the markets maybe grab some coffee it’s really nice Nick no microwave just come down to the local markets we just walked through the food court, and we’re all like. So hungry.

Because haven’t eaten it’s like cut aparts eat we usually have dinner time around this time, and when you volunteer they feed you at like 8 12, and 5. So your stomach gets into such a routine especially when we’ve been volunteering now like 3 weeks that we’re just gonna walk around I think Jess wants to try find some new Sunny’s says happy water, and you saw the backhoe you just sip it shut it back already yeah, and you say what do you say again. So she took cheeto cheeto cheeto don’t you do it with me yeah you can’t be giving me poison, and you know the bullying me into drawing happy water let’s try that is so big can I wear these you’d put it on, and then we’ll all take it shop together why not one two three cool happy water not. So happy not anymore like a super-early bottle caps in the morning some of the volunteers are having some more of the drinks I think I think we’re just gonna go to bed goodnight night guys.

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