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I used to think we were separate from nature. I don’t think that way anymore. I realized. How big our impact is on the world, and it reminds me to live my life in a way that is gentle with nature in the environment one of my goals in life is to have a little mud house on an island, and that’s where.

I want to retire. I want to have a very small footprint on the world. Because we have such a massive impact that.

I think one person needs to do everything they can to lighten that load so I look for that everywhere that. I like the west coast.

I think will always be home to me just being close to the ocean. I didn’t grow up with ocean but now that. I’ve had it in my life.

I feel like. I can’t go very far, it’s just part of who. I am.

I grew up on a farm, and we had an acre property that was explored on a regular basis we went out in the bush all the time as kids and I used to collect leaves that was one of my favorite things. I come in with all these different colored leaves especially in the fall, and my mom would help me press them my mom, and dad loved animals, and they kept chickens, and sheep mostly my mom worked at a tree nursery, and my dad worked at this national park for a number of years. So they both had jobs off off the farm as well it wasn’t our primary source of income but it was where we got our food my grandparents had cows list but they milk, and we made cream you know the print cream, and the butter together, and did those things when.

I was growing up. So they didn’t have electricity they just lived off of their farm. And so I had a look into that lifestyle you know they didn’t have running water they didn’t have electricity but they did milk their cows, and make their own butter, and all of that kind of stuff so.

I was. I was exposed to that from a young age very wholesome way to grow up in many ways. This is just one of my favorites called structures near my home in Kitsilano, and it, it’s a perfect example of just a really beautifully done natural building in the city they’ve got a really solid tall foundation on the bottom to avoid any damage with water they’ve also got a really nice big overhanging roof here to help keep the water off the walls.

Because water will damage a cob structure but what. I love the most is the green roof and I also love the art when you look at these beautiful windows all the little seashells they put in their bottles everyone’s added their own little touch for this building, and which is truly made it a piece of art for me very smooth brown coat on the outside basically a finer version of called many hands made light work. I’m sure, and straw, and clay is what this structure is made out of all-natural ingredients non toxic non harmful to humans or anything else wildlife the environment if this structure falls down it will again be part of the earth.

So that beautiful building is a lot of work but. This is indeed my dream. I would love to live in a cob structure similar to this one one day, it’s funny the whole part of me kept becoming a tour guide it has everything to do with the forest.

I was out hiking one day thinking. How can. I match my personal life, and the things. I don’t love to do with my work life, and then it just dawned on me surely people go on hiking tours surely people are doing this it must be guide for this type of thing and I found the company that did camping tours, and that’s how.

I got started. I love that amazing something all became new again people tell me all the time they wouldn’t want my job maybe. I couldn’t do your job you’re looking after people for days.

I don’t understand. How you do that but. I don’t understand. How you do that day in, and day out for days a year to have a regular job for me, it’s like a trip. I can put all of my energy into that because, it’s only days and I want to give my travelers the best experience.

I possibly can so I just pour my heart right into it. I want people to have a true experience of what it is to be Canadian to be in Canada.

I want them to see the most beautiful things. I can show them. I also want them to understand our culture here, and How we differ from the United States because.

I think a lot of people put us in the same egg basket but in reality it isn’t at all the same as the United States when you cross the border to come up north people are quite different. So, it’s a very different feel and I think people go away with that.

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