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My name is Athena Cano. I’m from Argentina. I born in a city nexif when Osiris today.

I’m working as a trip leader for overseas adventure travel in the program Chile, and Argentina, and this to Patagonia there are many places, and locations that they have a special meaning for me. I came to very large, and many many years ago with my family for first time. I was the first place where.

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I saw snow in my life one of the best family memories that. I have but also the place where. I am the local guide of my travelers that is Calafat the show in my own glacier perito moreno glacier is ready to have the opportunity to be sharing with my passengers many of the experiences of my country in the last years talking about the native situation in Bariloche the Nazis in Patagonia.

This is the memorial today the Malvinas war in ushuaia in chili oil, and we have one of the most interesting experiences of the trip is a very cool girl the mythology, and the life in community is really interesting for me. I can have the contact with many different people the interaction with the locals. I think that.

I have to be myself all the time having fun discovering for first-time places that we are visiting through the eyes of my passengers they are discovering for first time and I’m doing the same through their eyes. I hope you will join me to discover Argentina, and Chile.

People met, and we had our home posted dinner last night got to talk to some of the local or the brother around the world but there are some tonight true to the Salta style of preparation these empanadas are made with spicy beef red pepper, and green onion wrapped in wheat flour dough actually lent a tango a composite of rhythm, and voice tales of love solitude, and struggle was born out of the slums of Buenos Aires in the late s in addition to European influences this dance was also shaped by the Kendall Bay ceremonies of former black slaves the highlight of today was the tango lesson we were learning. How to slide our feet making sure that we really followed our partner we have really mastered the tank beer on Wednesday. I think we made a lot of new friends.

So we hope to travel with them again that would be wonderful.

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